Peercoin/Primecoin to be listed on

Peercoin/Primecoin to be listed on – EU registered Crypto Currency Exchange with Multilanguage interface, located in Denmark to go live end of May.

Apart from BTC and LTC, we consider Peercoin and Primecoin interesting crypto currencies to be listed on our exchange and potentially paired with BTC, LTC, USD, EUR, GBP, DKK, NOK, soon also DKK, CHF, RUB, CNY and more.

If this sounds of interest, please contact Ronny Boesing at CCEDK APS on e-mail address for further information!

The sooner, the better – Lets prosper together!

I think more competition is always welcome. On the other hand there are already many exchanges (last count was over 25 for Peercoin) that it would help if you can let us know why we should use your exchange over all the other e.g. I think we are at a stage in the market where quality goes above quantity.

To me an exchange need to be:

  1. Trustworthy (either by transparency of ownership or a proven track record or even better both)
  2. Easy to get fiat and cryptos in and out (direct fiat transfers in and out, no delays in cryptos in or out)
  3. Good competitive rates
  4. Easy to use and transparent and deep markets

BTW Currently your website is in what appear as Russian to me, which doesn’t help most of your potential customer in the European market.

Hello Cybnate,

I appreciate your comments a lot. At CCEDK we believe in openness, and to me with 25 years and more in export sales prior to present activities, I believe in trust, tolerance and honest ways of doing business, which is why I also dont consider hiding my name behind synonyms etc. I feel I have nothing to worry about, except the amounts of hours in a day not being sufficient, when trying to reach out to the world!

At CCEDK, our aim is to only attract customers who want to legally receive income from working with coins, and as we have no worries to present ourselves at CCEDK, we also dont need clients who insist on anonomity when doing transactions whether it is fiat to crypto, crypto to fiat or crypto to crypto.

I believe trust goes both ways, and hope that this will be clear in all the ways once we are up and operating in full. I believe this kind of people will be everyday more and more on the market, and for sure our target group.

At CCEDK, we plan on conquering the world, and although only one exchange out of many as you did so well put, we are confident that customers will find us, and use us, again and again, and not because of no questions asked, but because they will all feel comfortable trading on a platform entitled to all the people believing in legality, openness and trust!

  1. At CCEDK, we try to show transparency by registering in Denmark, operating out of a Danish address, having bank accounts in multible currencies all with CCEDK as beneficiary whether it is in Denmark, Germany or other ones, having our lawyer and auditor to be Danish, working on the base of Danish Law, showing myself as the CEO of CCEDK with full details being Danish all mentioned on CCEDK website, and considering Denmark to be one of the safest and most stable countries in Europe economically, politically, legally as well as environmentally and finally member of EU and one of the first 13 memeber states, it all adds up to show we mean business, and business in an honest way!

  2. It will always be our aim to facilitate easy and quick transactions in both fiat as well as crypto currencies.

  3. I believe we do have competitive rates starting with our commission fee to be as low as 0,2%, and rest depending on client requests order-to-order.

  4. I hope you will manage to check our website again within the next 14 days or so, as we expect to go live end of month, and would appreciate all comments in regards to making our platform as easy to use as possible, and what points you have in mind when mentioning deep markets. Please do feel free to send me an e-mail as well on It is well appreciated.

CCEDK is in both Russian, as well as English and soon to be in other major languages as well, and although right now default is in russian, it will be changed to English, naturally, it is however also in english and can be changed in top right corner!

All the best from rainy Denmark. Ronny Boesing

A small comment to our logo of the Kangaroo:

  1. At CCEDK we consider ourselves similar to the Kangaroo. We cannot move backwards!
  2. As the Kangaroo is the very embodiment of mobility, CCEDK believes in bringing movement and big changes into the lives of all future customers.

Thanks for your comprehensive response. Much appreciated. It looks good on paper and I think there is room on the market for a transparent exchange as it would mature the crypto market. I hope you will also look to provide some ‘proof of reserves or solvency’ to further increase your trustworthiness.

With a deep market I’m referring to high trading and a small bid/ask spread on trading pairs. When you are doing well, it happens by itself.

Happy to check out your website in 14 days or so and it would be good to see one or more Peercoin and Primecoin trading pairs added by then. It won’t hurt to post another announcement at that time though.

Launch coming up next week, too bad I haven’t heard from anybody at Peercoin for us to discuss having Peercoin and primecoin listed.

Have a look at recent articles out on the net warming up for our launch:

All the best

Ronny Boesing

[quote=“ccedk, post:5, topic:2352”]Launch coming up next week, too bad I haven’t heard from anybody at Peercoin for us to discuss having Peercoin and primecoin listed.

Have a look at recent articles out on the net warming up for our launch:

All the best

Ronny Boesing
CCEDK ApS[/quote]

Would love to see PPC/XPM listed on the coming exchange. I shall weibo and post the news on chinese forums.

Peercoin (PPC) NOW listed on exchange – Congrats! – EU registered Crypto Currency Exchange located in Denmark with Multilanguage interface and multiple currency pairs, is happy to announce the listing of Peercoin on their exchange.

Apart from BTC and LTC, PPC is the third of an ongoing introduction of crypto currencies to be listed on the CCEDK exchange.

Peercoin is paired with BTC, LTC, USD, EUR, GBP, DKK, NOK, soon also RUB, CNY and more, and NOW available for trading on

Help pass the word to everyone by copying and pasting this message anywhere possible!

We need your active help to spread the news on Peercoin websites, forums, reddit, facebook, twitter etc., and in as many languages as possible!

Within next month of July, our platform interface will be available in the languages English, Russian, German, Spanish, French, Chinese, and Danish and more to come later this year.

We have done the initial step by introducing Peercoin on our online trading platform available to the world!

It is now up to you to help spread the news!

Don’t know CCEDK?

Have a look at below mentioned articles for further information or go to CCEDK website to get updated even further.

Independent articles on CCEDK
Article in Chinese from Cointelegraph
Article in Spanish from Cointelegraph

The sooner, the better – Lets prosper together!

Peercoin greetings from CCEDK

Ronny Boesing
CCEDK / Crypto Coins Exchange Denmark ApS

hello Cybnate and redlee,

It seems I have somehow answered you guys in a way so it deos not appear in forum, sorry about that, as I saw no need as such to do it personal message. Any chance you can include my answers in a reply here.

Also it would be nice to know if you have received answers to your recent postings, and I can say that we expect to have changed the deposit fees to a very minimum to appear as a onetime flatfee per transaction, with no minimum deposit required as well to make it as attractive as possible. I expect this new change will appear over this weekend.

We will also be adding Sofort instant pay, and although this will be on the base of a deposit fee in percentage of some 2,5% with 5 EUR as minimum deposit, I hope this will be of interest as well, as it would basically be as if you were using credit cards in terms of speed, and perhaps more or less even in terms of fee as well. Sofort will be up sometime this weekend as well.

All the best here in sunny Denmark

Ronny Boesing

Hey there,

Thank for your comment. The minimum deposits as well as even the 1% fee have been made as an initial step to not overload the exchange here in the beginning making sure we have the necessary time as such to correct and adjust where needed. We will be discussing at the end of this month, what should be done as ongoing minimum deposits, percentage or even a onetime fee and will do this considering very much the comments received throughout the month.

Our target group is in the end all people with the interest to buy crypto currencies, so we do realize we need to setup accordingly.



[quote=“Cybnate”]Hi Ronny,

Congrats with the new release. It all looks good, already had a stroll around on your website. Not much trading yet, it still needs to grow clearly.

However I’m wondering what your target group is. With a minimum deposit of 1500 euro or equivalent you seem to be focussing on the bigger traders instead of people buying and selling some coins. Is that because of the costs of fiat deposits or is that your business model? BTW I noticed that you allow smaller deposits on request, but that seems to be the exception given the process.

Would be good to clarify that? Either here or in the thread.


We Need Your Help To Tell Everyone That Peercoin Is Now Available Available For Trading At CCEDK!

Peercoin is now listed on CCEDK trading platform, and trading is possible in the currencies EUR, USD, GBP, DKK, SEK, NOK and CHF as well as in Litecoion and Bitcoin.

Trading in fiat can be done via normal swift wire transfer with a 2-5 days time of deposit, in Europe via SEPA from same day up to 2 days and in EUR with SOFORT meaning deposits can be done instantly more or less within 15-30 minutes from +1000 banks in 10 countries like Germany with a 99% coverage, Austria, Switzerland, France, Hungary, Poland, The Netherlands, Belgium, Italy, and Spain with UK coming up expected sometime in August.

At CCEDK we have listed Peercoin on our exchange thinking that was an interesting crypto currency with lots of potential in future trading!

Were we wrong to add PEERCOIN to our exchange?

I see no real activity from Peercoin community in general mentioning our exchange in various social networks, forums etc, so it seems maybe we jumped the gun on this one, or maybe I am wrong!

I believe we should have the possibility to trade on our exchange with very little cost as you may notice as per enclosed pdf with deposit and withdrawal fees, and with a trading commission of only 0,2% we offer you the most competitive percentage more or less worldwide.

Pls also see my link:

Within the next coming 4 weeks we will be adding one of the top 5 crypto coins on coinmarket cap, and with a community who is apparently much more interested in having their coin mentioned on our platform, I am thinking whether or not Peercoin has in fact a justifiable reason to be mentioned on our exchange.

At Peercoin you have in fact had some great opportunity to promote your coin on our exchange for the time being, it is however going to change in future if no further promotion or networking in Peercoin community is being done, as it will disappear in the demand of the coins we will be mentioning in coming months, where the community of each coin is backing up our exchange prior to having their coins launched!

What I am saying to you all at Peercoin!

Help make Peercoin a strong factor on CCEDK. Help make it known allover the web, we need your help, otherwise it seems with little point to have spent money on listing Peercoin on CCEDK, I hope you understand my point and ask for your help to make it a success not only now but also in future when a top 10 is going to be listed on our exchange.

If there is anything we can do to help traffic from Peercoin community please do not hesitate to contact me on

Another way you can help is ofcourse also to go to twitter and follow our exchange at

Hope to see you soon at CCEDK, that is

All the best from here


[quote=“ccedk, post:10, topic:2352”]Were we wrong to add PEERCOIN to our exchange?

I see no real activity from Peercoin community in general mentioning our exchange in various social networks, forums etc, so it seems maybe we jumped the gun on this one, or maybe I am wrong![/quote]
Perhaps you offer too many currency pairs. If there is nobody with whom to trade in a given currency pair, then the first traders don’t have a reason to stick around. I see very little trading volume on your website. What is your most popular currency pair, and what is your daily USD-equivalent volume on that pair? That information will help to determine if the problem is too few PPC users, or too few users in general.

Hope this helps!

Your exchange was publicized on the official Peercoin twitter, facebook, subreddit, as well as Chinese social media. Are there other ways in which you would like us to promote it?

I looked at it the last time I bought some coins, but with no volume it is not attractive to deposit and trade. It is a chicken and egg problem you’ve got across the board and not only for Peercoin. And there is a lot of competition out there which offers instant exchanges at good prices (at least for European market) for Peercoin and many other top 15 coins. And there are Holidays which always slow market down a bit.

About 6 months ago you would have made a dent, but now you have to fight to get market share from others. In your position, I would hire a few traders or set up some bots or both to generate some traffic and market depth in a couple of popular trading pairs and then do some serious giveaways to get attention. You will have to do something different than the others.

As river333 said, happy to promote more from our side, but it has to be a joint effort and something new or better and something nice for our community. Suggestions are welcome.

Chinese exchange did something with Chinese Peercoin community lately, just to get their attention and their name established.

Edit: regarding NXT, they need any infrastructure they can find including exchanges as they are harder to implement, so good luck with them.

Hello Cybnate, redlee, river333, chronos, and pillow,

Sofar I see in general 5 users of Peercoin community commenting on Peercoin being added to CCEDK platform.

I appreciate very much your comments and thank you for your feedback. What I am writing below is not a critic as such on you guys but more on the lack of response in general, which i asume could be linked to the amount of exchanges already haveing Peercoin listed, although I do not know as such how many of these are offering trade with fiat as well!

I dont see CCEDK added to Peercoin website as exchange, I also dont see it added to the OP of Fuzzy bear, which is only one of more points to mention in regards to what could be done to put some special attention to our platform from Peercoin community.

I also dont see some major Peercoin users with a good amount of coins offering a chunk for sale at our platform to start the trading, and I could go on!

We have spent time and money to add Peercoin to our trading platform, and part of any initial trade should be expected to come from the community backing up the coin in question.

I am sure we are still needing to do some more work in regards to making people aware of our platform, but dont really see a few postings in your forum, as an active support of Peercoin being added to CCEDK, which is fine ofcourse if it is only 5 members being interested in the marketing of Peercoin on our exchange, but if you guys want to really be out there making a difference I feel really it is a question of interacting amongs yourselves appreciating the interest from any exchange willing to list your coin on their exchange as the future will depend on how you keep it active in general.

What I am trying to say here is that if present postings and work in general from Peercoin community in regards to our listing of Peercoin on our exchange is all you have to offer in return to our time and work getting it listed, well, what can I say except that I am sorry for the misunderstanding from my partner that Peercoin community was genuinely interested in having your coin added to our platform!

It is possible to follow ccedk with news on twitter at:

Comments are welcome on our facebook profile at:

Read the latest news also listed under announcements:

I also always welcome comments and suggestions directly to my e-mail:

I hope to see you as well as everybody else at CCEDK platform in near future!

All the best of wishes from Blokhus in the North of Denmark

Ronny Boesing