Peercoin && Primecoin integration?

Are there any goals/plans for PPC and XPM to have a relationship in the future?

I seem to recall reading a thread awhile back where there was talk about XPM being used for microtransactions like a checking account and PPC being used for savings like a bond or savings account… were there plans from the developers to eventually integrate the two so they function complementary to each other? Such as creating a mobile wallet featuring the two?

would be nice to mix peercoin and primecoin community, from a peercoin point of view I’m kind of jealous of the development team the primecoiners have, with cool bots on irc showing the difficulty and price and everything, primecoiners are more high tech, at least so it seems :slight_smile:

Yes, someone please point me to a thread which talks about the relationship of these coins now and in the future.

Yes, the relationship between Peercoin and Primecoin needs to be clarified. I am sure that the answer is on the forum, but new people should not have to search for something as basic as this

I get the impression that Peercoin is the senior of the two coins. For example, in the FAQ, there is a piece on the difference between Peercoin and Bitcoin - but not Peercoin and Primecoin, or Primecoin and Bitcoin

I am actually worrying about the support of the development team of primecoin vs peercoin

Primecoin is energy multi-use, and is faster, good for smaller transactions, short-term money. Peercoin is slower, concentrates on supreme energy efficiency, more of a backbone currency, more like a savings account, place to keep money long-term, use for larger transactions.

Haha, it is a strange world we live in where people with IRC bots are being branded as high tech… :o