Peercoin price predictions for December 2016

What do you think peercoin price will be in December of 2016?? I think peercoin will be worth at least $5 by then. Post your predications in this thread. Peercoin community needs to do more speculating, it helps keep things interesting :D.

That is a difficult question… there are many factors involved. So unless somebody here is a psychic I don`t really see the importance of speculation. Judging the quality of Peercoin, Sunny King as a person(as far I can read between the lines) and the Bitcoin flaws, it is reasonable that it is more than Bicoin. If not, it makes sense in the spirit of this time. You know, war is peace, freedom is slavery, ignorance is strength etc 8)

i’d say it stays more or less pegged to dollar as it is, around 0.4 ±10% )

It’s funny, a lot of other crypto-communities are centred around speculation. Peercoin, on the other hand, is rarely subject to price speculation and technical analysis.

Over the coming years I wonder if we’ll get more speculators joining us on the forum? After all I would think it possible that Peercoin sees 100x gains - or more - before 2020.

This time next year though I think the price will be $7.5