Peercoin (PPC) Price Ticker - Chrome extension

This is my little Google Chrome extension which displays price of Peercoin and other utilities around Peercoin


  1. Notify you if price goes higher or lower
  2. Handle over 33 currency as such BTC/USD/EUR/GBP/INR.
  3. Handle multiple precision
  4. Quicklinks (PeercoinTalk/Wallets/twitter/…etc)
  5. Able to monitor the fiat equivalent of your wealth in PPC instead of the price (100 PPC = $250)
  6. Allow you to select the refresh rate from 10s to once every 4 hours.

Notes: price taken from and you can checkout extension source code (github) in extension menu.

Checkout: Peercoin (PPC) Price Ticker


In cryptocurrency communities people tend to be (reasonably) cautious before “installing” anything into their computers.

It seems like a cool project, but perhaps you would like to also link the github repo, just in case someone wants to take a look at the source code of the project? :slight_smile:

Yes, you are right!
Checkout source code
Checkout my other extensions in related tab

Permissions needed

  1. Read data from coinmarketcap and (For price and currencies)
  2. Display notifications
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Just installed in my browser, works like a charm. Good job! :tada:

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Am I reading that correctly? Instead of the word ticker I see ricker.

Yes, I noticed
I will edit now