Peercoin Paper Wallet Guide - Needs Approval!


I’ve created a website called Coin Wallet Guide to help all crypto users setting up their wallets. I have over 30+ crypto wallet guides and I’m sure the numbers will grow. I’m here to ask you to please verify and check if the wallet guide I created on Peercoin Paper Wallet is accurate. :slight_smile:

If you do not want to click on the link, please google CoinWalletGuide and find then search for paper wallets and Peercoin should show up. :smiley:

If there needs to be any changes or you’d like me to use your wallet guide instead, please let me know!
I hope to hear back from you!


Nothing about vanity?
About split …e.t.c ?

Hi, Coinwalletguide!

You have written:

“If you want other users to send you Peercoins, you would give them your Peercoin Address”.

I think you should say “… give them your Public Key. This is your Peercoin Address”

You refer to Peercoin-UT. This is a typo - Peercoin-UT should be Peercoin-QT.

You say (with additions by me in CAPITALS):

“Now copy and paste both your addresses TO A DOCUMENT FOR SAFE KEEPING. This will help make sure you have correctly copied both addresses with no typos. It’s highly important to keep your Private Key in a SECRET place. DO NOT SHARE THE PRIVATE KEY WITH ANY OTHER PERSON”.

You say:

“Type in the amount of Paper wallet you’ll like to generate”

Change this to: “Type in the NUMBER of Paper walletS you’ll like to generate”

Hope that is helpful

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The public key is not the same thing as the address.

Thanks. I thought the public key was the address to which Peercoins are sent - what is the difference?

Public key can be used to generate the peercoin address, but not vice versa. You shouldn’t give people your public key, only your address.

I have been away from PPC for a year, so might be mis-remembering - but I thought the (longer) private key generated the (shorter) public key/address

Peercoin is the same as bitcoin in this regard. The address is a hash of the public key. The exact procedure for generating the address is shown as a 9 step process in that wiki link.

@CoinWalletGuide Thank you for your initiative!

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Thank you! I have made those changes! :smiley:

No problem! Please review one more time and see if everything is accurate! :smiley: If you would like me to add more information, please let me know as well! I will be working on a Peercoin Desktop Wallet Guide next. :wink: