Peercoin p2p mining pool

Inspired by this thread: I am proposing to start the project with aim to bring p2p pool to Peercoin.
See the thread linked above for additional reasoning on why mining is and will be important for Peercoin.

If you check google trends for Peercoin and scroll down you will see that majority of Google searches for Peercoin are about “peercoin mining”. Which means there is a lot of interest for this.

What I frequently read about Bitcoin and mining is that a lot of people dislike that few very large pools control some huge share of the market (about 70% I think). Bitcoin was actually reduced from PoW p2p network to delegated PoW based network. Big mining pools serve as delegates for PoW process. If we really expect mining frenzy in coming months, maybe we should cater to the miners and go around this problem. Having a p2p pool ( for true p2p coin should present this coin in better light once again and hopefully would make it more interesting to miners.


Simple Google search on this subject yields following threads:

It is obvious that there was interest in this a while ago. I guess it will return as Bitcoin halving approaches.

As it seems Sunny was needed to implement something that would make this possible, and Sunny talks about it in his weekly #75:

I will ask Sunny about current state of this to see if there is some obstacle in Peercoin code.


Peer4commit fund is created:

I will write more detailed description about project in next 24h.

Count me in!
I can help with C++, python and javascript development.

Good news, it seems that sunny implemented the needed change with protocol v0.4

This is the commit that did it for NVC:

And this is the implementation in the ppcoin code:

However, to be 100% sure Sunny still needs to confirm.