PeerCoin only major CryptoCurrency without android and osx wallet?

Why isn’t there an android and osx wallet ? How come such a massive community but no such wallets !!?? I love peer coin i need these wallets ! :slight_smile:

We do have OSX desktop/server wallet support. No one has official wallet for iPad/iPhone though. Apple refuses to add anything like it to its market. It’s great in showing its monopoly, they think it’s best that their users are not exposed to cryptocurrencies.

Anyway, I think Android wallet is on the radar, but development is slow. Maybe we need a bounty thread to speed this up.
We might just wait as we are all awaiting an update of desktop client (v0.4). Would be better to use the code of new wallet, I guess.

I think Kactech is on for developing the PPC android wallet project.

Here’s a tutorial to get started on OSX:

Once our system is released, we will have the ability to use PPC on Android devices. Apple … we’ll see how they go about confirming requests.