Peercoin on Docker

Hello everyone! We would like to announce our Docker container for Peercoin at Peercoin at Docker Hub

All comments and feedback are welcome!

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Can you please merge your changes with our official docker image:

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We didn’t find you have an official docker image, so we did this one from scratch, compiling the source code of 0.6.1ppc. It uses a given peercoin.conf file instead of being configured from command line, so that, once the container has been created, the user still can modify the configuration.

We can help you with the official image. What is the issue? Just update the version?

Nothing is wrong with, just saying that if you think your is better push a request at our github and I’ll merge.

When you say a docker container, do you mean for something like UnRAID?

So, when Officialy Docker v6.1 ?
I don’t trust unoficialy links