Peercoin Node Program Advertisement on Raspberry Pi Subreddit

This was posted in chat by River…

It’s an advertisement in the Raspberry Pi subreddit for our node program. I just wanted to alert everyone on the forum about the thread in case there are Peercoin questions from regulars of that subreddit.

Nice job @river!

Let’s see if this gives some results, if needed I am available for AMA on Reddit.

Can somebody please confirm in thread whether my response here is correct?

He’s asking for a source for this info, but I’m not sure where to find one. I just assumed that it was true. It makes sense that non-minters getting diluted would result in higher rewards for those who do mint. Is that true that it would actually lead to profit through minting, rather than just the ability to keep up with inflation?

Apparently I am wrong and confused this with how Nu works. Can somebody please answer his question correctly? Also there are a couple questions about bandwidth.

I also just remembered this quote from Sunny during one of his interviews, which Jordan Lee must have ran with when he built Nu…

I have a proposal that maybe switch to a constant mint per block would significantly improve participation without too much impact to inflation model. However this is something the commnity needs to reach a level of consensus on