Peercoin Network - Active Full Nodes Daily Stats - Erratic behavior

What’s going on?

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What’s going on?[/quote]

80% of the operating systems are running Peercoin clients on Windows ( Several people in the chatbox claimed that Microsoft released an update the 27th that required restarting the OS (I’d say auto-restart). Computer’s restarted but didn’t or forgot to launch the Peercoin client afterwards (i.e. family’s computer that is not used very often). People probably installed and launched the Peercoin client to collect their NuShare rewards (uptrend) and once collected they didn’t really care about leaving the client running (downtrend).

It is to be noted that I did the analysis about that uptrend, and concluded that it was for 90% Peercoin and Peercoin-QT UI clients, only a minority are ppcd or ppcoin clients with no UI (likely those you install on your always-running servers). Oh, and BTW UPNP is enabled by default :p.

We need these nodes back to mint - why do not they care to mint?

Maybe because they sold everything, are waiting 30 days or just don’t care/understand minting.

Alternative theory to the Microsoft explanation:

The jump in Peercoin nodes began on September 15th, perfectly coinciding with Jordan Lee’s announcement of the NuBits release date. (

The peak occurred on November 24th, which was about three days after the Period 001A dividend for NuShares ( After users collected their dividends, the client was likely turned off.

My guess is we will see nodes increase again as we approach another dividend. The chart ( clearly shows that Nu is a significant driver of Peercoin usage right now.

There were about 480 Nushares addresses that had enough balance to get a the 001A dividends. Some of them had so small amount that they must not be a shareholder’s main address. Assuming every shareholder has three main nushares addresses, the number of share holders is less than 120. If everyone of them has one peercoin minting wallet, pretty much all of them have to turn off their node to explain the downturn. I think their nushare holders’ behabior is a good explanation but since they are also peercoin fans, they are likely not the only cause.

It also coincides with the redesigned website which features Peerunity prominently, and people have reported Peerunity clients becoming full nodes without their knowledge:

I think this is possibly a good explanation because there is no reason for people using Peercoin to collect dividends to become a full node, at least on purpose.

UPNP is activated by default on Peerunity, that we know. What we are not sure about is why people who installed and launched their wallets just decided to not let it running anymore.

The simple explanation is Nushare, as said previously. People were so frustrated about the dividend day that was btw postponed twice, that they kept their clients open 24/7.

I don’t think my node is showing up despite having gone up live yesterday evening, about 12 hours ago. I do see another note that is listed nearby but off by a good bit (about a mile). Is this intentional? Are node locations on the map very specific or are they offset for privacy reasons? Might also be because the stats are updated once a day and I may not have gone online in time to register. I’d still like to know how accurate pinpointing locations is.

You should wait at least 24 hours. The stats are based on a single full active node and are collected only once every day. On top of that this node like any other nodes will not see new active nodes immediately, you have to wait for your node to propagate across the network and reach a decent number of connections. If your max number of allowed connections is capped (i.e. max 100 connections at the same time) you also have to wait for connections to rotate and at some point connect to the node that is being used for the stats.

At the end it’s just a matter of luck and time. If you can see more that 8 active connections you should see your node within 24/48 hours.

Hi fishb0ne, thanx for helping secure the Peercoin network.

It might take a few days before your node shows in the active full nodes map, it must first appear in the connections of an already known active full node.

If you send me your IP in PM, I’ll add it manually.

I am using the service to geolocate nodes IP, it’s far from perfect but does its job most of the time.

Not exactly: they are based on all the already known active full nodes.

Not exactly: they are based on all the already known active full nodes.[/quote]

I meant the stats are collected from a single active node :).

The simple explanation is Nushare, as said previously. People were so frustrated about the dividend day that was btw postponed twice, that they kept their clients open 24/7.

The dividend payment was postponed twice? That is news to me.

I see no reason that Peercoin’s network statistics would be substantially impacted by NuShare holders. Dividends don’t require people to mint, and even if it stimulated people’s interest in minting, the maturation period would push any minting activity increases out at least 30 days beyond the distribution date.

My hypothesis is that the spike in activity corresponds with those holders who purchased PPC approximately one year ago during the September to December 2013 price run up. These holders may have been minting on and off, without success, and figured that their coin age had reached a reasonable point to give them a chance to solve a block.

The buy order had already been processed by that point. Why would anyone drop a 100 BTC order on the market? All that would do is shock it in ways that wouldn’t benefit the shareholders.