Volunpeer WIP page can be found here:

Question: Is the following still true? I haven’t seen any recent news about volunpeer activity around the forums.

We also engage in weekly volunpeer activism called swarms.


No, I haven’t seen a swarm in quite awhile.

Here is the thing. I’m not sure what to do with volunpeers now. We’re going to have a newsletter signup form on the home page. I’m going to end up using the newsletter to distribute a roundup of the latest news every week or two via email. At the bottom of every newsletter though, I would like to include an optional volunpeer initiative or task that people can complete if they want to help out. These would act as swarms without using the name. So the main newsletter will be able to act as a way to get people to volunteer. Less people would sign up for the volunpeers than the newsletter though, so this way the volunpeer tasks are getting sent to everyone and if anybody is interested they will complete the task. Tips may even be offered to get them to do so.

If the newsletter is going to be used for optional volunpeer activites, the volunpeer form is really just going to be used to collect information on people. Everyone that has filled out the form currently has answered all those questions and the information is just sitting in a spreadsheet. I haven’t used any of it though. I’m just unsure if it’s necessary to collect this information or if we could just do without it. I’m sure a lot of the entered information is probably inaccurate by now anyway (Specifically the times available slot). I just don’t know what to do with this info. What do you guys feel we should do with the volunpeer form? Is the info being collected important or no? Is there anything we can use it for?

I think the extra data may not be needed. I recommend we just collect email addresses, and include calls to action in the occasional email.

So does that mean the volunpeers page is no more then? Or can you think of another use for it besides the form?

My feeling is that the email newsletter should replace the Volunpeer form

In my view, anyone can be a volunpeer (with a small v) whether they fill out the form or not. The benefit of using the email newsletter is that we can call upon everyone to be a volunpeer, even if only for a day, or for one set task

If we need a particular skill, we can ask for it in the newsletter, and explain why we need it. This call will reach a wider audience, and get a more focused response

How will we know when to give somebody the volunpeer title on the forum? Watch the forum for people who are contributing and hand out the title manually? That would make you a volunpeer Robert.