Translators needed!


I applied for Korean.


I propose Slovak. If there is a demand, just let me know so that I can start ASAP.


Making a note.

Will keep you posted

Looking for and Peerunity translators - Payment in PPC! [CLOSED]

I propose Portuguese since it has 223 million native speakers.


I would like to do German.


Where is romanian ?

  • Chinese (Mandarin)


The last website changes are committed and will be reflected on the Transifex website when it updates. There may be smaller changes coming, but nothing that would be a major section (just adding a button etc).

Right now the language claims are:

If you want to claim a language, please let us know as soon as possible.


Looks like I have to set roles manually. Please DM me your username or email so I can get you on the roster.


Japanese has been claimed.


Spanish translation completed :slight_smile:


Finishing verification today :slight_smile:


Still need a translator for French.


Need a verifyer for Japanese


Chinese Translation completed and verified. Getting invoices shortly.

  • DONE Chinese (Mandarin) - @tony
  • French
  • In Progress German - @Otzi
  • Awaiting Verification Japanese - Adachi Ayumi
  • In Progress Korean - @Geon
  • In Progress Russian - Billionaire
  • DONE Spanish - @SamaelDNM


Everything received in order :grinning:, I hope to see soon on site in many languages, and of course in Spanish :grinning:, greeting


Japanese is available again. German has been completed as well.


This thread will be locked in a week for the time being.


Portuguese translation started.

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