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If you speak multiple languages and have a few hours to spare we want to give you peercoins for translating

Where to begin?

  1. Sign up to Transifex here (
  2. Submit a request on Transifex to help translate into your desired language.
  3. Sign up on peer4commit ( and add your peercoin address.
  4. Send MAL your peer4commit “identifier” (this is found at the top when you edit/view your profile).
  5. Start translating!

When the language you’re working on reaches 100% complete the translations will be reviewed and once approved they’ll be uploaded to Tips will then be distributed to the identifiers provided. Note that some tips may be rejected if the translations are deemed inaccurate. If you don’t want to accept tips that’s O.K. too, you can always take them and donate them to any of the projects on peer4commit.

  • 20 PPC will be provided for a full translation from 0% to 100% based on the list below.
  • 4 PPC will be provided for a translation from 88% to 100% based on the list below.

Languages sitting at 88%:

Chinese (now 100% thanks to wolfcrafts) *Updated on
French (now 100% thanks to MAL) :wink: *Updated on
German (now 100% thanks to skull) *Updated on
Russian (now 100% thanks to Vitalicus) *Updated on
Spanish (now 100% thanks to elponivengador) *Updated on

Languages sitting at 0%:

Romanian (now 100% thanks to Vitalicus) *Updated on
Ukrainian (now 100% thanks to ukraineisrussia) *Updated on

If you would like to help translate in a language that’s not listed here let me know.

Progress so far: 7 languages are 100% complete and have been uploaded to out of 24.

If anyone notices issues with the translated pages let us know.



I wouldn’t mind translating dutch. Tell me what to do and i’ll get to it!

I can help with translating to Danish and German. My user profile on Transifex is here slentzen

Done! I guess I have to wait for you to grant me access.

Most important languages except Chinese are ready. No Chinese speakers here?

Remaining Chinese translation has been done, please check and verify it. It is showing unapproved.

@wolfcrafts, @skull and @elponivengador, could you please sign up on then send me a message here or on (@MAL) with your “identifier”. We can send some peercoins your way.

If you’d rather not get any let me know or otherwise you can always take them and donate them to another project.

Thanks again for taking the time to translate.

How to translate PPCoin-Qt? It seems that some translations are missing.

Leave it alone until next release (soon).

Still valid, the way to get started with your PPC wallet and earn a few coins :slight_smile:
Maybe we should open a thread in the language sections?

Ukrainian translation completed, russian translation fully checked and fixed/corrected. Posted PM in transifex to MAL_.

@ukraineisrussia I uploaded the new Ukrainian translation to Please take a look and let me know if anything needs tweaking. I didn’t see any changes for the Russian pages on Transifex (there was nothing in the time line for Russian). Are you sure the changes were saved? I’d be glad to upload those as well after you confirm.


Hi @MAL. I’ll check ukrainian later (now i’m very very busy).
About russian - i haven’t rights to change translation but i make a propositions.
Like there:
You can check all texts and apply my propositions to update current translation.

Do you have statistics, where the readers come from? Are Japanese users frequent? And other users from languages that are missing?

I don’t really have stats for that since it’s hard to measure, I can see referral hits from different Google searches but if we don’t have the languages available in the first place then we simply wouldn’t get any searches from the .jp or other domains.

Specific to the Japanese language there’s huge interest in Bitcoin from the Japanese market so I feel like we’re missing out. Japan just legalized Bitcoin in April-May 2017. Look at the top currencies for Bitcoin (JPY - Japan, KRW - South Korea), although it could just be that Peercoin isn’t offered on those exchanges we should definitely start appealing to users in those markets.

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One last bump to see if anyone wants to finish up some of the translations and then I’ll give it a rest until the new website redesign gets started.

Maybe we should sign up with the new website for an auto translation website like this: They are becoming better and better.