Needs a Revamp & More Community Involvement

This has been on my mind for a while. A lot of information on is now outdated or could be presented better, the organization/navigation could be better and there are certain errors I’ve come across. Our social media icons are hidden all the way down the page, instead of at the top where everyone can see them. I also feel the color theme should be changed to look more like our subreddit at There’s probably lots of other changes that could be made.

The biggest problem I see though is that the community is relying too much on Super3 to do all the work. I don’t know what Super’s time availability is, but I’ve noticed his absence on the forum and lack of response to several of my PM’s and emails. I know he has different things he’s currently focusing on, such as his Storj project, so I’m assuming he’s strapped for time. We can’t expect him to manage the website all by himself. The community needs to step up and become more active and involved in maintaining and improving it.

If anyone is failing to see what I’m talking about, here is a perfect example…

iheartcryptocoin opened this issue on Github to talk about his plan for content organization. The thread goes into great detail about things like our target audience, content organization, project management, team roles, etc… There’s lots of great ideas in there and he lays out a path we can follow, but unfortunately the thread is 2 months old and closed. Nothing has been done to further these goals, at least from what I can see.

We most likely haven’t seen any progress because this is complicated stuff and the community seems to be leaving it all up to Super to manage. It’s a large project that needs multiple people helping to make it a reality. We need to have more discussion here on the forum about iheart’s ideas in that thread and what else we can do to improve things. Then we need to figure out how to go about getting the changes implemented. Do we need to do a fundraising drive for a revamp? I’m not sure, but the Peercoin marketing video is currently being developed by Overkillcoin and he said it may take a month to finish, so we need to have this website ready for all the traffic it’s going to receive once it gets released.

I’m not sure how the process of updating the website works. Is Super3 the only one with the access to update things? Should we have more people with access to change things, so it’s not all going through one person? All I know is that there’s not enough discussion here on the forum about how to improve our biggest advertisement and educational tool. More community involvement and discussion is needed. We can’t be dependent on one person to manage everything any longer. What do you guys think?

I felt this was also important to link here…

Very true words Sentinel. I wish and felt more like one place. As it stands now peercointalk is definitely where I’d say the face of Peercoin is. In any case needs some serious love.

Does anyone know if ‘’ is running on a CMS? We could setup multiple users to be able to edit / update various sections of the site without needing full access to the server or FTP.

Happy to help out with maintaining the site either way.

There are already funds for the development of the site, but the management of these funds seems doubtful to me…
Originally, coins were donated (to and, then Super3 deprecated the github repository and created a new one with its own peer4commit project ( He then transfered a part of the funds of the old peer4commit project to the new one. So now the developers get tips from the new peer4commit project, but not from the old one and not from the tip4commit project.
If all the donations (total: 3780.51 PPC and 2.69 BTC) were available for developers, I think it would be enough to fund a revamp of the site.

Yes, as far as I know, he’s the only one with write access to the repository.

Currently is not using a CMS, it’s hand made PHP code.

We need more people with write access to the HitHub of I made this pull request the 26th of April:

Still not merged because I am a GitHub noob. We need people in charge of the repository able to help us GitHub noobs that can do some coding, but are not able or to busy to learn how to master GitHub.

I can squash the commits for you when I get home.

Thank you, Ben! You are a very valuable member of this community :slight_smile:

ive not seen super3 round for a while and is he the only one with access to the github repo and server the site runs off?

I had a few things i wanted him to look at did not realise there was a long list of other concerns as well. If there is anything I can do to help just let me know, @super3 if you want to add me as a collaborator to the repo then I can help out there if u need etc.


Oh I’ve just been a bit busy. I’ll actually have a bunch more time soon. Yeah I’ll open up the repo to a few collaborators so things can get done

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Thank you for the update, Super3. Let us know if there’s anything that the community can do to make it easier to field questions and get updates in place.

@sandakersmann: I haven’t forgotten about the commit squashing – I actually did it last night and then realized I’d botched up a previous pull, so I need to redo it and then resend it. If you’d like, I can also send you a quick primer of what I did, so that if you run into the request in the future, you’ll know how it all works. Let me know if that’s something you’d like to learn more about how it all works.

If there’s larger interest, too, I can work with a couple people to pull together a “working with other Peercoin Community developers” topic that would give an overview of the commands needed to contribute to the different Peercoin-related efforts. It might take a little bit of time to write, but I’m sure that it would be useful for lots of different initiatives (I know that we’d find a use for it in the Peershares / Peerunity wiki).

Sorry, I’ve been kind of behind on the website stuff. I just graduated college Sunday, and am now transitioning to full time Bitcoin. This should give me a little more time to spend on Peercoin. Fuzzy what is your Github username? I’ll add you to the repo, so I’m not the only one there, and then we can all start planning what steps we want to take next.

Do you mean “now?” Also, I would add Ben as well.


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congratulations on graduating :slight_smile:

my github account is FuzzyBearBTC


Hi Super, did you add Ben as well? I know he’s been trying to get the Mac version of v0.4 added to the site.