Mining Explanation

Here’s the WIP for the Mining Explanation page:

I propose to include a short video on this page. I believe we’re planning a second page as a mining guide, which covers the technical side: RPC port, how to join a pool, etc. Use this thread to provide feedback on this content.


This content is now ready for a staging site page.

The requested changes will be done in revision V2.0. When the revision batch is complete it will be posted as a new topic in this subforum.
ETA: +2 hours after this post

TWH, I love the new art and page layout. Great work!

Do you have a plan for how to integrate the proposed Chronos Crypto video?

I will figure something out, somewhere inbetween or above/under those points, wherever it will fit in the best.

How about adding the bold faced part

... such as Selfish Mining [b]and concentration of network hashing power to a few big mining pools[/b] do not ...

btw I can’t copy from the googldoc page with ctrl-c. Is this normal?

That seems odd. I’m able to in Chrome. Maybe try another browser.

[quote=“mhps, post:6, topic:2770”]How about adding the bold faced part

... such as Selfish Mining [b]and concentration of network hashing power to a few big mining pools[/b] do not ...
[/quote] I think I'm going to leave this out. It lengthens the sentence considerably, and PoW and PoS each have their centralization challenges.

Thanks for the suggestion, though. This is mentioned in the Intro to Peercoin video that will live in the Investors page.

Hey Chronos, I tried writing that guide for mining, but I guess I’m just out of the whole mining thing for too long, a lot has changed and I’m afraid I won’t create a correct guide. Can someone else take over the duties?

Hi everyone,

I have never mined a cryptocurrency, so I am quite uneducated in this area. Can someone with more experience in this area draft up a quick-start guide? Don’t worry about grammar or sentence structure – I can edit whatever you provide.


Not much has changed in Peercoin mining. So previous mining help page can be used. Basically most if not all miner hardware/software for mining bitcoin can be used to mine Peercoin because the POW hashing algorithms are the same. For pool mining, read the help section on the pool website to setup account and port number. For solo mining, no one solo mine using the wallet’s internal miner any more. With dedicated miner hardware, set up ppcoin.conf according to bitcoin solo mining instruction, make sure port numbers used by the wallet and used by the miner match.

Hi, Chronos, a few comments:

I think your paragraph on Fair Distribution should come first, followed by Compatible with Bitcoin - this is because fair distribution makes a better introduction

If you do this, the current first sentence of Fair Distribution needs to be modified - suggest you could change it to: “Proof of Work mining is [delete: only] used to broaden the distribution of new coins, whereas the security of the network is maintained by Proof of Stake minting”

Regarding the third paragraph, Sustainable Reward, I don’t see how the following text fits the title, as you appear to be saying the reward declines - perhaps you can clarify this?

Regarding the video script, the message “Start mining now while the reward is still high!” sounds a bit like sales talk (Buy while prices cheap!). Can you adjust it so it is more matter of fact?

Great idea. Done.

Implemented. Used while instead of whereas, though.

It’s sustainable because it doesn’t cause rampant inflation, but I guess most readers aren’t macroeconomists, so this isn’t immediately obvious. :slight_smile: Good catch. Do you think the heading Sustainable Growth makes this more clear?

I’ve removed that text from the script.


TheWildHorse, the Mine Peercoins page on the existing website meets the need for the Quick-Start Guide, so we can reuse that content in the new site. Just a couple tweaks, in bold, below:

  1. Set up the wallet software
    If you haven’t yet, download the Peercoin wallet.

  2. Select a mining pool

<pull the links for the below content from the old Resources page>

Peercoin-dedicated pools:

Ecoining - 1% fee, Dynamic PPLNS Payment System
D7 - 1.25% fee, PPLNS: payout per share of the last N rounds
Fixx - donation-based, PPLNS: payout per share of the last N rounds
Hynodeva - Currently under upgrade

Multicoin pools:

Coinotron - Pay Per Share: 12% fee, Round-Based Pay Per Share: 2% - 1.5% fee, Pay Per Share

3. Sign up with the pool
Follow the instructions on the pool website. Below are tutorials for a few specific pools.


Fixx is donation only (no fee!)

We should also probably add Coinmine to the list:

I’m sure there are other updates as well, but I got pommeled out of the mining game months ago.

[quote=“learnmore, post:15, topic:2770”]Fixx is donation only (no fee!)

We should also probably add Coinmine to the list:

I’m sure there are other updates as well, but I got pommeled out of the mining game months ago.[/quote]
Learnmore, thanks for the updated info. Is Coinmine a multicoin pool?

If anyone else has information on the pools we should list on the new site, please post in this thread. Thanks!

Compare the background color of Mint Peercoins vs Mine Peercoins. See how the Mining page has the gray area behind the main content? I think I prefer that to be added for all pages. What do you all think?

I’m not actually sure “multicoin” is a relevant distinction between the different pools. A pool owner can choose to host mining for other coins than Peercoin and it doesn’t necessarily have to impact the quality of the pool or the service. Also, the choice of hosted coins can change over time making the designation even more arbitrary and hard to keep updated. Furthermore, it’s not always obvious whether or not two different pools could have the same owner.

But to answer your question directly: hosts many coins, but is strictly for Peercoin

Hmmm… I can’t comment because my browser (Palemoon) doesn’t display any background shading. Interestingly, IE8 actually shows no content at all!

I would reckon that it would be best not to reuse the tutorials from those two pages. Simply because that info can change quickly and we can’t check the pool website every day to check if it did. I think we should leave it to the pool operator to keep the tutorial available no his site.

That makes sense to me. Does anyone else want to weigh in? In the meantime, TWH, go ahead and exclude them.