menu - two different versions?

When I visit on my home computer, the website has six menu options at the top of the page (Docs, Press, Mine, Mint, Volunteer, Forum) locked into position - they are always there

But when I view at work, on the different computer, they are missing. This fooled me for a couple of visits, until I noticed a “menu” button (three horizontal lines) in the top right - on pressing it, the six menu options appeared

I am not sure why the website appears different on two computers, but I want to say that the former version described, with the six menu options fixed in position, is far better - in my view - than the menu button version, which I feel is a bit obscure. Thank you

This is done by css styling to adjust for mobile and tablet devices… the poor designer didn’t have enough problems with different browsers… now you have to code for different devices!!

Sounds like you need to up the screen resolution on your work computer… or better yet use this to ask for a larger monitor :stuck_out_tongue: