Here’s the current homepage mockup from TheWildHorse: I think the new “What is Peercoin?” OKC video will also live on this page, though it is not in the mockup.

Find the latest version at:

Your feedback is welcome. Thank you!

Just some suggestions. Maybe change the energy efficient tagline to this…

“Mint Peercoins on any type of computer!”

About the middle feature, isn’t this a given with cryptos or no? Is there any other Peercoin-specific feature we could display here, like minting and 1% interest?

I think the text next to “Why Peercoin?” could probably be a little longer. One line just doesn’t seem like enough to get the point across and convince people of Peercoin’s innovation. We don’t want to turn it into a large paragraph though, maybe two lines maximum. What are the main ideas we want to convey here? I think the main point here isn’t the low energy consumption, but the fact that proof of stake makes it so the entire network can be run on low-grade hardware, allowing for maximum decentralization. All devices are pretty much equal with Peercoin, allowing anyone to participate. Energy efficiency is just a natural byproduct under a system like this. Maybe you can think of a way to convey this in an easier to understand and shorter way?

Everything else seems great to me. Also, I love the use of the title “Built to Last.”

Great feedback.

I’ve edited this into the OP, from “Mint Peercoins on your own computer!” to “Mint Peercoins on any computer!”

The “Transparent protocol” is meant to be a counter to coins like Ripple or NXT, which were not as open when launched. Another option is “Fairly Launched” (still working on the associated text). I’m not sure about a minting-focused point, since the Energy Efficient tagline already touches on that.

I’ll put some thought into a longer “Why Peercoin” text. I actually like it as a single line, because of Wall of Text Syndrome. The reader might be more interested in the colorful graphics below it, so I want to keep it to-the-point.

Open to feedback!

Edit: I agree about the “Why Peercoin” text. I’ll work on something that’s still short, but highlights the fact that anyone can mint, instead of focusing on low energy usage.

Changes edited into OP:

Why Peercoin:
Before: “The Peercoin network is more secure than other cryptocoins, but consumes far less energy.”
After: “Peercoin remains more secure than other cryptocoins, by rewarding all users for maintaining the network.”
(Focus on user participation, because it invites the reader to join the network)

Before: “Peercoin’s security makes it an ideal safe haven, while minting yields a guaranteed 1% reward.”
After: “Peercoin minting yields a guaranteed 1% reward.”
(The former text was a bit long, and “safe haven” is pretty criticizable considering the price volatility.)

Before: “Let’s take a look at some Peercoin innovations coming down the pipe.”
After: “Take a look at some Peercoin innovations coming down the pipe.”

Feedback is welcome.

[quote=“Chronos, post:1, topic:2716”]Built to Last:
Peercoin is the world’s first Proof-of-Stake coin.[/quote]

Peercoin is the world’s first Proof-of-Stake coin and development is being financed by peer4commit.

Well, maybe its the wrong place to put it, but personally I think its very important to know that development has a way of being financed. How else could the coin be durable over time.

[quote=“Chronos, post:4, topic:2716”]Developer:
“Take a look at some Peercoin innovations coming down the pipe.”[/quote]

Maybe it’s just a regional thing but “down the pipe” sounds very strange to me :smiley: A quick search shows that apparently “pike” is more correct than “pipe”, or I personally think “in the pipeline” sounds better :))

River, I did a Google search before I wrote the original content, and found that “down the pike” was twice as common as “down the pipe.” It sounded strange to me, though, so I stuck with “pipe.” I totally agree with you – I’ve now changed it to “in the pipeline.” Good catch!

[quote=“Chronos, post:1, topic:2716”][hr]
To the right of “Why Peercoin?”
Peercoin remains more secure than other cryptocoins, by rewarding all users for maintaining the network.
In place of “Digital Cryptocurrency, Fast & Cheap Transactions, Available 24/7”
Built to Last:
Peercoin is the world’s first Proof-of-Stake coin.

Transparent protocol:
The Peercoin network is fully open source.

Energy Efficient:
Mint Peercoins on any computer!
Learn how to buy, sell, spend, and store Peercoin.

Peercoin minting yields a guaranteed 1% reward.

It’s time to cut down on transaction fees and expand your customer base.

Take a look at some Peercoin innovations in the pipeline.

Put your mining equipment to use on the Peercoin network![/quote]

I think that Consumer, Saver, Merchant and Miner would read better in the plural (Consumers, Savers), etc. since we are appealing to whole communities

With regards to “Developer” (or “Developers”), this word jars somewhat with the text that follows. I realise the aim is to refer to five types of people rather than topics, but “Development” fits better, sounds dynamic and perhaps less techie

I would much prefer that the exclamation marks are not used.

Regarding Merchant, I am not sure we can justify “and expand your customer base” because Peercoin’s acceptance is not (yet) wide enough. How about: “Cut down on transaction fees on payments from anywhere in the world”.

Regarding “Why Peercoin?”, I would remove the reference to other cryptocoins because they would react to this, and we don’t want a “cold war” with other cryptos.

Trying to sum up Why Peercoin? in single sentence or two is incredibly difficult. Other coins promote a single aspect: fast transactions, anonymity, tipping, etc. Peercoin is more about the creation of stability itself by, for example, offsetting coin inflation with fee destruction deflation, or by decentralising coin creation through minting, etc. Somehow, we need to get this essence across!

Hope the above comments are useful

I agree with the removal of “safe haven” as, in these volatile days, it would be misleading. But can we use a phrase such as “savings instrument”?

This phrase comes from Sunny in a message to a community member, which has just been quoted in the chatbox. For context, here is Sunny’s message:

“Hi crypto_coiner, long-term bitcoin security relies mainly on transaction fees. primecoin realistically would continue to have some subsidy long term, so less reliant on transaction fees for security. I am of the opinion that the PoW sector and PoS sector would coexist for a long time. Although recently primecoin was lackluster in the PoW market. There was no plan to combine the two currencies, they were designed as two separate networks, both with strong security. Peercoin is better as savings instrument, primecoin is better as transactional medium. Best Regards,”

I think we need to place a play button for the video at the top of the header like

Are you talking about a link to the video within the dark colored banner containing the icon and text logos and the green “Why Peercoin” and “Download Wallet” buttons?

I don’t think there’s much space for that there. Why not just place the full video underneath this banner? I think there would be a better chance of people clicking play that way.

Here is an example…

Thanks for the feedback, RobertLloyd. You’ve made some great points.

I’ve edited in the following changes:
Saver --> Savers
Consumer --> Consumers
Developer --> Development
Merchant --> Merchants
Miner --> Miners
Moved “Development” to the end of the list
Removed exclamation points
Removed “expand your customer base” from Merchants (content length now matches the rest of the taglines better)


Still thinking about the “Why Peercoin?” text. You are right in thinking that the phrase “more secure than other cryptocoins” is a bit too aggressive.

Updated the Why Peercoin text. Find the latest version at

Chronos, I assume you’ve already seen this, but here is the last concept image I posted that everybody liked. The 3 horizontal features were replaced with a larger vertical list of important points about Peercoin. On the second point I believe we should remove the words “Peercoin is” and just have it say “The world’s first Proof of Stake coin.” Also, the 3rd point may need to be edited. It was getting too long, so I cut off “The” from the beginning, not sure if it sounds right though.

Full-Size Image:

Thanks, Sentinel. I have uploaded the image and modified the WIP to reflect the new layout. I recommend three leaves (instead of five) to the left of the video, with text as in the link in the OP.

I have implemented the page with the requested content:

Comments & Critiques below.

Are you sure you only want to include 3 leaves? In TWH’s page, it currently looks pretty empty to the left of the video. That’s the reason why I included 5, to fill in the space and advertise some more important features. I believe those extra 2 bullet points will really make people say wow.

[quote=“TheWildHorse, post:17, topic:2716”]I have implemented the page with the requested content:

Comments & Critiques below.[/quote]

And about the banner. It looks a little jumbled. I checked on IE and Firefox and it’s the same. This is what I see…

The shadow under the Peercoin symbol is cut off. The text logo is over to the right too far (Is this because the shadow on the symbol takes up too much space? If so, we may need to drop the shadow unless you can find a way to fix it.). The text logo itself looks squished and out of alignment with the green buttons. I think it’s probably better to use the smaller font you’re using for the market cap data, but can we make the numbers white and keep the headings the same gray color? The last updated text is also out of alignment. In order to fix these things, the banner may to be expanded vertically a little bit or things like the green buttons need to be made smaller to fit the length of the text logo. Is it possible to make it more like the top banner in terms of alignment?

Good point about the three leaves to the left of the video. Let’s try it with four. I’ve updated the doc.

TheWildHorse, be sure to update the Why Peercoin text as well.


On the latest version of the home page, I attach an image of what I see

The market data is positioned vertically - this is caused by the width of my window/screen, but this is not necessary, since there is still plenty of room. Is it possible for TWH to expand the (non-visible) “table” in which the text sits, so the text is not repositioned into a vertical column?

The black word Peercoin, at the very top, seems very large - can it be reduced? Also, the top menu options (Get started, learn, etc.) are underneath the black Peercoin word, whereas before they were on the same row, to the right. Is this caused by my computer, or has the menu been repositioned? I think it is better as before (on the same row, to the right) as it takes up less space.

On a general note, the website appears to look different on different screens (e.g. mobile as opposed to laptop) and this is going to make discussion on how it looks difficult