Download Peerunity

TheWildHorse just put up a download page for Peerunity. Staging page is currently at

One adjustment needed: the title still says, Peercoin-QT - The Official Peercoin Wallet. I don’t think the page necessarily needs any other content, but if you disagree, this is the place to post your thoughts! :slight_smile:

Oops, I posted this in the wrong section. Can a mod please move it from Development Discussion to Web Design & Development? Thanks!

I think any download page should show a sha256 or at least md5 signature of the file, and point to an authoritative place (e.g. an announcement page in the forum) to prove that the signature is valid.

I suggest two amendments:

First, that the three download buttons are on the same row, with Windows positioned first; this implies equality of treatment (by us) of the three platforms, while also better communicating to the visitor that they need to make a choice.

Second, that in addition to the symbols, the download buttons read “Download for Windows”, “Download for Linux”, “Download for Apple” (or similar). Don’t reply on mere symbols!

Or even a gpg signiture to check. But hey, sha256 is a great start.

I suspect anything more complicated than sha will be skipped by most users.

Yes, GPG sig of guy who built it.

I also demand ArchLinux repository I use for Peerbox (but supports other architectures) to be there on the web site with instructions how to use it.
I’ll implement GPG sig for Peerbox repository soon.

I suspect anything more complicated than sha will be skipped by most users.[/quote]

You are right, maybe the sha on the main page and the gpg somewhere else.
One thing, filesize MUST be published alongside the sha.