Hi All,

Sorry for being absent for so long, had a lot of other stuff going on!

Anyway someone sent me an email saying a Chrome security extension had flagged up that the website is open to the Heartbleed attack - Something that may want to be checked at least.

It got me thinking that I originally registered the ‘’ domain and have been renewing it every year, but as I haven’t been that active of late does someone else who is more involved with the site and community at the moment want to take over the registration in case I forget to do it any time? Not sure if FuzzyBear is still around but I’d guess he would be a good shout, or whoever is managing the website now.

Shame it can’t be done on a PeerShares consensus for domain and website management so it’s not centralised management!

I could have sworn that Super3 owned FuzzyBear is still here, however he hasn’t been very active on the forum lately. If he didn’t want to take it over, I could possibly do it. I would need to be told how to secure and direct it to the website though.

Also, I know you’ve been away for a long time, but it might be a good idea to check out what’s currently going on. Since Peercoin was upgraded to v0.5, it has been experiencing renewed interest from developers and a lot of new projects have popped up as well as plans for the future.