Consumers AKA Newcomers

My plan for the “Consumers” page is to explain the basics of Peerunity. See for a proposed video script.

I’m considering that the written content of this page would stay in parallel with the video tutorial. Do you think that would be redundant?

I plan to include links to Mining, Minting, and Exchanges. What else should be covered here?

I think it may be important to reiterate how quickly the blockchain can be fully downloaded/synced with Peercoin and Peerunity.

I agree, the initial (and re-) syncing process, which is alien for most starters is good to add. And emphasizing the speed it occurs with for people who were put off with Bitcoin’s (and other coins) ‘eternal’ sync process is also a good addition.

I assume you also cover basics as that you would still accumulate rewards if your client is offline, but that you need to be on-line for a certain time to redeem your rewards (and support securing the network).

BTW Just a tip: Maybe you could link to this thread from the original Marketing thread. That way you have more people noticing new threads and hopefully more feedback.

Fast blockchain download is noted, thanks. Rewards accumulation while offline will be mentioned in the Minting page.

I’m now treating this page as a “Getting Started” page, since it explains Peerunity use. Not sure if we should change the Consumers title on the homepage. Other options are “Get Started” or “Beginners” or “Basics” or “Users” or something along those lines. I think I’m favoring “Users” at this point.

Thanks for all the great feedback!

EDIT: @TheWildHorse, the page content is now ready to be added to the staging site. Thanks!

Shouldn’t the consumer section cover transactions as well?

Consumer page finished and will be included in revision v2.5.

ETA: +4 hours

The video covers send/receive tabs, so that covers transactions a bit. I want this page to really highlight how to get started with Peercoins, which is why the written text is so focused on that.

Can we use Get Localization for translation of the new site? Just like we use it for Peerunity It would simplify the process quite a bit.

Not really the right place for this discussion, but yes, I had a new localization system in plan, but It is currently not a priority. I will get that sorted when the content is done.


I agree that the heading “Consumer” is difficult for introducing the client in general terms – yet, “User” seems bland and directionless. the alternative is to change tact and have a more descriptive title, such as “Sending and Receiving Coins” - or your own suggestion simply “How to get started with Peercoins” - or perhaps even “Managing your Coins and Wallet”.

Incidentally, I read somewhere that the release of Peerunity v2 is not far off. Perhaps you should liaise with David or Ben to see whether v2 is going to be radically different, etc. If it is, it might affact this video.

I shall forward some more comments later.

I agree. I’m hoping to come up with another term that means something similar, but also catches the attention of the viewer. The problem with a longer title is that is it displayed parallel to Investor, Merchant, etc.

Yes, I’m expecting (and hoping) that v2 comes out before we start producing the videos.

Staging site is up:

This is leaving something to be desired for me, though it’s a great first draft. I think maybe I need to add a 4th step (Learn More? Next Steps?), so the steps form a nice square. Also:

  1. Regarding “Getting Peercoin” at the top – should this say “Getting Started with Peercoin”, or should we just remove it?
  2. Consumer, Consumers or Users – none are right. Any ideas for the heading?

Open to feedback!

EDIT: There’s no spot for the video yet. TWH, would you like to put a placeholder in, so we can get a feel for the finished product?

Is it possible to reduce the images by 50%? They seem too large to me, at present

I have just noticed that:

a) if I open my window to full extent (to fill the whole) screen, the images shrink into the “square” formation Chronos refers to.
b) however, if I have the window fill most of the screen (so I can see other applications), the images and the word “Consumers” become huge.
c) if I close up the window to around six-inches square, the images reduce again.

I have noticed this pattern on other test pages. (a) and © are fine. The problem is with (b), where the words and pictures are way too big. We need to get (b) to continue looking like (a)

Are other people seeing this?

I would use “Getting Started with Peercoin”


I have had a few thoughts on the video script, and present ideas for you to consider:

“Wallet” or “client”? It looks like you favour wallet, but I think it would be helpful if you say something like: “… the Peerunity wallet, also referred to as the client…”

Running Order
I suggest you explain the send tab before the receive tab. This is because (a) the tabs are in this order, and (b) from the user’s perspective, sending is an “action”, while receiving is “passive”, so the video may have better momentum if you explain sending first

If explaining sending before receiving sounds back-to-front (since the user must receive before they can send), you can bridge the two by saying something like: “What if someone wants to send peercoins to you? Here is how you receive them”.

When demonstrating the encryption of the wallet, don’t use a very short password for convenience, leaving it to the viewer to “make a proper one” (I have seen that on a few videos). Use Notepad or Word to demonstrate briefly onscreen a 12+ character password with upper/lower case, numbers/special characters, to give people an idea of what a secure password should look like.

Having shown this mock password to the world, you may not want to use it to demonstrate the wallet encryption, so you can instead say you are typing in a “similar” one. In practice, to make your presentation run smoothly, your password can be something easy for you to type and retype in the confirmation field – the viewer will not know, since the client does not reveal the characters. So long as you type slowly, the viewer will assume you are using a seriously tough password.

Backing up password and client
Making a copy of the password should be mentioned. I think all you need to say is that, in addition to printing out one copy of the password for regular use, a second paper copy should be kept separately. This is as important as the encryption itself, since a lost password means lost access to the wallet, and therefore lost coins.

Ditto, backing up the client. One of the purposes of the backup is to protect the client against hard drive failure, so I think it would be great to demonstrate saving the backup to an external USB. With regards to frequency of backing up the client, I think saying “regularly” or some such is too vague. You can focus viewer understanding by specifying that the backup is aimed at securing the private keys inside the client, and so should be done each time new coins are received (I am right in this?)

Editing, copying
I have noticed that on the “Receive coins” and “Address book” tabs, it is possible to edit the descriptive labels (by double clicking), and to copy the addresses (by right clicking). On the Transactions tab, double clicking reveals the transaction details. You may want to mention some or all of this

Coin Control, Export, etc.
You have not listed this, as I guess there is already quite enough for the video to get through. But I think you could mention in passing that the Peerunity client has other great features that will be explained in other videos. In that way, the viewer is aware there is more to the client that what is described in the introductory video.

Robert, superb feedback, thanks.

It’s worse than this, as I once experienced first-hand. You don’t have to back up after receiving, if your last backup contained the private keys to the receiving address already. However, you may need to backup after spending, because a new change address may be generated.

It sounds like this video might become a pretty significant tour of Peerunity, which is not at all a bad thing. I’ll update the script with your suggestions.


Regarding the text on this page;

Head on over to the download page, where you can grab the program you’ll need to store your new coins.

Avoid abbreviations (so “you’ll” becomes “you will”). I think “store your new coins” will be better as “store and manage your peercoins” (thus removing “new”)

Send your money to a Peercoin exchange, where you’ll be able to buy from other traders in the open market.

After “Send your money”, I would add in brackets (bitcoin, dollars, etc.) to show that, by money, we could mean either fiat or crypto. I would change “Peercoin exchange” to “crypto-currency exchange” or similar, as they are not strictly peercoin exchanges (at least, not more than anything else)

Send your new coins to the new address generated by the wallet software. This will protect you in the event that the exchange closes its doors while your money is inside.

I would amend the first sentence to: “Send your new peercoins to an address generated on your Peerunity wallet software, where you can store and spend them”.

The second sentence I would remove entirely. The best place for this warning is the webpage on Exchanges.

I’ve integrated some of these suggestions, but not all. I like “your new coins” because it’s casual, making it feel like Peercoin has a lower barrier to entry. I like “Peercoin Exchange” because it highlights that we host our own list of exchanges.

I also added a “Learn More” step 4 to improve the page layout on full-size browsers. What do people think of all this?

I finally have an idea for the title of this page: Newcomers. This brings the front page list to:



Newcomer page changes are implemented and will be included in the Revision v3 of the project.

ETA: +3 hours