Peercoin Mumble Server Meeting?

I think it’s time we schedule a BeyondBitcoin Peercoinshow on Fuzzy’s servers (not Fuzzybear, but Fuzzy)

Schedule a time we can hash things out about current issues, and future direction.

Some unresolved things:

a) I notice the new peercoin logo isn’t on the forum yet
b) FuzzyBear is apparently suppose to move the coins. I’m surprised he wasn’t on board prior to the voting if it takes him to actually move the funds
c) Re-configuring Peer4Commit to have a time delay on project fundraising, and my proposed “General Consolidation Fund” with 5 board members after funds remain unused for 2 years
d) Talking about PeerAssets, PeerKeeper, etc

This stuff is starting to build up, and planning a show to get us talking about things and can help heal some of these open wounds that seem to be arising.

It will build moral, will be efficient for discussion purposes, and is anonymous friendly if people just want to pop in and text chat. Even Sunny King is able to attend such an event.

I don’t want to plan it. I think FuzzyBear and SentinelRV would be the best ones to schedule the time and date. Just let me know if you’re interested.

It’s obvious to me anyway, that we need a unification process going forward.

What do we call it? Peercoin annual convention? Open Meeting? :slight_smile:

So just to understand, this is not a radio show like we did before to inform people. It’s basically just using the mumble server to have a meeting to talk about Peercoin related things. Fuzzy from Beyond Bitcoin did encourage us to use the Peercoin channel any time we wanted to. I am public and available to talk using a headset. Hrobeers is public and Saeveritt has made himself public as well with some different videos. The only person remaining that is vital to any discussion is Peerchemist. If he has a microphone headset and is willing to use it, then we can have a meeting.

I think it should be called PeerMeeting.

I am waiting until the Discourse forum is up. We were having some issues with several bad posts in the SMF database preventing the full migration from finishing. Most boards have been successfully migrated, but several boards contain bad posts that are giving us problems. I believe Jooize and Sigmike may have a handle on it now and are targeting the bad posts for deletion, so it should be finished soon. I will let everyone know when it’s ready to check out.