Peercoin Merchant Badges

Hey guys, last night I spent some time making a couple of merchant badges that can be used for websites to show that they accept Peercoin. Take a look, EDIT: Instead of working on the old ones, I decided to make some new ones. :wink: If you guys want any more changes, let me know. EDIT 2:Alright, I made some changes to the originals.

Use this link to download the badges as JPEG & PNG:

I’m open to suggestions and any minor changes you think are needed. I can also upload the .psd’s if requested so you can do whatever you want with them. :wink:

Note: Credit to sprite for letting me use his medallion/coin design logo.


Hi guys, I think New Loge is now accepting Peercoin as payment.

JetJet, when you get a chance, could you please make the leaf in the P green in these merchant badges? I think that’s the only thing missing from them.

I like the one in first column, second row, because it is similar to what people might already know (although I’d prefer it with one of the Peercoin logos from the lower rows…):

Thanks JetJet. I’ll add all these to a sticky thread once our Peercoin presentation is finished. That’s the last thing I’m waiting for.

Very nice Jetjet. The day before yesterday I was at the Bitcoin meeting which was held in a bar and they had the Bitcoin accepted here sticker. So it is now a matter of getting a sticker made (not too hard) and having an Android or mobile app accepting Peercoins. Hope Bkchain will get out of experimental soon, one of the reasons I’m keen on testing his webwallet. I think the Android app has to wait for wallet v0.5 unfortunately.

Yes, I’m very keen to pay my drinks (and food) with Peercoins one day and happy to pay the 0.01 PPC fee and make every Peercoin holder a little bit richer :wink: