Peercoin Medallions/coins: Sold Out!

These are peercoin coins… They are custom made and come in a clear plastic pouch. They are $12.00 plus shipping. Below are some professional pictures of the coins. Shipping will be $6 priority mail within the US. Outside the US I will need to find the procedure and price etc before I can ship. I am concerned about payment however. I 'm thinking I will accept peercoin equivalent, maybe paypal also, but via green dot cards. Any other options please let me know. If you want to buy one, pm me or post in the thread. Thanks!

EDIT: I’m doing a giveaway. The first five people who respond will get one free, just pay the shipping. In the US that is $5.00 (Actually that is less than priority cost) and for international (I wish I could afford to pay it, but I can’t) roughly $10. If the shipping is an issue, I can always send it in a tightly bound envelope, it will take 5-10 days in the US, or 3-5 weeks Internationally.

I prefer multiple order to save on shipping and time, so anyone looking to resell/give away to friends or colleagues contact me.

There are some pictures and video on the next page.

[size=18pt]Edit: SOLD OUT![/size]

Sprite1308, can you tell us a little bit about the construction, and what quantity of these were stuck?

They are 1.5 inches in diameter. 3mm width. The backs are sandblasted, 100 were produced. More can be made, but I doubt I will purchase more, so this is really a one time thing. .They are priced so low to maximize sales and because they are more a novelty item, not a store of money, however they could be modified as such with the programs I will post open source. They are made using some type of metal, it is not a precious metal, however. The manufacturer is listed on the pouches, but I don’t want their name mentioned in the is forum/thread. I don’t see a problem via pms. It’s more of a collectible, rather than an investment. I will release with fuzzybear (or someone else who will post it) Two programs that were made for the original coin, a modified version of the bitcoin address utility for peercoin, and a peercoin version of cryptovest’s insert program (with permission).

i really like these, will take 10 shipped to the UK please PM me prices in PPC and BTC including all shipping etc

Edit: The picture was so bad I decided to remove, read on for a closeup of the coin.

Bump for the giveaway. See first post.

i’ll take my sample one to the UK please and will base off that if I want to buy more… looking to spend 150PPC max on these just making this public


Thank you for your understanding. Could you give your address in standard format, as it will appear on the package? After that I’ll ship you your free one. I’m not familiar with the standard over there. After that I’ll ship you your free one. I’ll pay shipping this time. Thanks!

address was sent as it should be written on the package in PM last time… just add UNITED KINGDOM to end to ensure it gets to the right country :smiley:

many thanks and look forward to reviewing this for you and hopefully placing oder for many more :smiley:


I’m interested by one too. Can you send it to France?

Yes, but it may take a while. Do you want express (it would cost for shipping, but faster time, about a week) or do you want free (would take international time schedule, 1-3 weeks is what they gave me at the post office.) PM your address and info and I’ll try to send it out today, I’ll be sending FuzzzyBear’s out today as well.

I’ve received one of Sprite’s Peercoin medallions, and will be adding in my review (with pictures!) later this evening.

Spoiler: They are high-quality and very attractive!

I’m interested in one of these coins, could you send me the Price for shipping to germany (not express). :slight_smile:

Price anywhere outside the US is $5 for a total of about $20.

Haven’t received mine yet, may be tomorrow? 8)

By my count, not all of the “giveaway 5” have been claimed. Any chance I could get one for the cost of shipping? A tightly bound envelope is fine – don’t need Priority Mail. Located in the USA.

Thank you!

I’ll send one free. I didn’t realize the five hadn’t been taken. Sorry, I’ve been gone awhile now.

[quote=“Chronos, post:17, topic:2228”]By my count, not all of the “giveaway 5” have been claimed. Any chance I could get one for the cost of shipping? A tightly bound envelope is fine – don’t need Priority Mail. Located in the USA.

Thank you![/quote]

Yeah. I’ll send one free for the original 5. Sorry, I’ve been busy. I’ll see if anyone I’ve sent one to has received. I know Ben has.

If there is one left i would be glad to also get one of the 5 free ones :slight_smile: