Peercoin Key Generation: does Peercoin generate keys in the same way as other co

Forgive me if I have not done adequate research before posting this question, but I have tried:
Does Peercoin generate keys in the same way as other coins (i.e. Bitcoin)?

I have used the Debug window in Peercoin Wallet to “dumpprivkey” of Peercoin addresses I own, however Casascius’ Bitcoin Address Utility (which can generate Bitcoin & Namecoin addresses from public and private keys) does not recognise the generated keys. Is it that Peercoin uses different crypto (which I expect not) or does dumpprivkey just give the private key in a different format to WIF?

peercoin uses only different network versions/prefixes, this to get a pub address starting with P. Other than that it s all the same with bitcoin.

dunno if Casascius’ Bitcoin Address tool supports peercoin, but i see you have access to the sourcecode so you can change the version numbers your self and recompile and test

i am sure importprivkey works in a peerunity