Peercoin is the First Crypto to be Secured 100% by Proof-of-Stake, Not NXT

I’m tired of seeing this claim thrown around that NXT is the first 100% PoS coin…

Peercoin may be a hybrid of PoW and PoS, but its network security comes 100% from PoS and I think that is the ONLY thing that matters here. If security came from both PoW and PoS then I could see their claim as relevant, but that isn’t the case. PoW is only used for coin distribution as many of you know and it will most likely be disabled at some point in the future once the community reaches consensus, as Sunny King has said himself. Therefore, when NXT supporters make this claim, I think it’s important to counter with the fact that Peercoin was the first PoS crypto to be secured 100% by PoS and that is all that really matters.

I recently changed “Pure proof-of-stake design […]” to “Pure proof-of-stake security […]” on /r/Peercoin just for that reason.

Great idea. What is your user name on /r/peercoin? Just wondering.