Peercoin infographic

Has anybody worked on or is anybody working on an infographic for peercoin? If not, I would like to take a stab at one… I’ve done some graphics but if I fall short I have a good designer I am working with on another project that I might be able to recruit.

This is what I’m thinking - please provide feedback:

Target audiences -

  1. Folks who own bitcoin but are not crypto-techies.
  2. Eco-folks that have heard about bitcoin but were perhaps turned off by the waste of energy of bitcoin mining.
  3. Grass-rootsy folks who want to be a part of the future one little coin at a time.
    (Notice that I don’t include miners or crypto-developers as a target audience.)

The infographic - I envision a two-sided graphic.
**Side 1 - this side show a bitcoin network - the top half showing individual miners as well as mining pools, the bottom half showing individuals and businesses transacting in bitcoin. Writing in RED indicates the problems with bitcoin which I believe are two: 1) High energy usage and 2) Concentration of power by mining pools leading to a potential for 51% attack. The overall color/feeling of this side if monochromatic.

**Side 2 - On this side we show a peercoin network. The top half shows a smaller number of miners and mining pools, while the bottom half shows the same individuals and businesses transacting but also visually representing minting by peercoin holders and perhaps a brief explanation. The overall color/feeling of this side will be light, green, utopic, etc.

That’s all I got right now but would love to hear what folks think - remember, not speaking to miners or crypto-techies. We may use the word 51% attack but only after explaining in layman’s terms what it means. We may use the word “proof-of-stake” but only with an explanation in layman’s terms what that means.

Agreed, infographics can be very powerful and viral. Would love ones that look/feel like these ones:…asons/…517226

Very cool. Thanks guys.

I think it will most likely be simpler than the ones presented but good notes for look and feel.

Will get back with you.

Hey were you able to finish this infographic? I’d love to help distribute it to my networks :slight_smile: :wink:

I should have it within few days, but it will be a draft for feedback. Thanks!