Peercoin Hits $1, the Highest Price in Nearly 2.5 Years

Peercoin just hit $1, so I figured I’d post a tweet about it as it’s a huge milestone. It’s the highest Peercoin has been in nearly 2.5 years…


Congrats to to the team! People are starting to realize that sucking up all the world’s electricity might not be the prime choice to run blockchains in the long run.


Yes, it’s $1.13 at the moment. China woke up and saw what happened today and scrambled to buy what they’ve been missing out on…

I still am not selling though.

Maybe I’m just stupid, but I didn’t sell the last time we were above $8. I rode almost 30k PPC all the way down to $0.20 cents. I guess I’m just a really long-term holder. :smiley:

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I think Peercoin can do a lot better than $8 in the long term.

Just look around at these crazy prices for other “concept” coins on coinmarketcap – they’re all speculation based on design and adoption. Very few real world use scenarios.

How about 30,000 PPC x $68 = $2,040,000 (if we matched dash price)

Big risk usually equals the possibility of a big reward. You have to wait for it though. These markets are so crazy that any coin can rise in a matter of weeks when the time is right.

I’m a very patient person.

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ARISE PEERCOIN! To the moon!!

After such a long time it seems like peercoin is back. I hope the direction from here is onwards and upwards.

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I find myself wondering after all these years watching Peercoin grow, where’s the new money coming from now? Maybe people are waking up and realizing its legitimacy. Whatever the case - Peercoin is having a great day today. Up 60% over 24 hours @ $2.12 right now.

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There is enough money in Crypto to get peercoin to 100 USD but it must show now when everybody is watching that it has technical advantages over other coins.

I think the current rise of Peercoin is caused by Litecoin. Many longterm bagholders of Litecoin got rid of their bags on BTC-e and invested some of the profits in Peercoin, Namecoin and Novacoin, simply because those are also traded on BTC-e. I think $2.00 is still ok and brings some attention to Peercoin. $50 million market cap seems justified considering our solid tech, and all the work that has gone into peercoin over the years. There are not so many coins left which are true open-source (i.e. not run by a company) and have an active community.
However, I hope that we do not go higher from here too quickly.

I don’t really care about the price right now because i won’t sell my coins but I think the higher the price the more people come to the community and that’s what makes this coin different.

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It will reach $25 in this year.

What’s your reasoning for that or are you just throwing predictions out there?