Peercoin History Book 2012-2019


More progress has been made on chapters 9 and 10. Chapter 11 will begin by covering historical events from the beginning of 2017.

If you like the work I have done so far, please donate PPC to pTifZS4ufNzGo5g4AMVMVtyzVhpSwtSQjT. I rely heavily on donations to help support my research, writing and content creation.

Once again, please say if anything is missing. I know that chapter 8 is currently blank. It will cover a relatively uneventful period of time for most of 2015.


Right before this audio was the main show. Hrobeers came on at the beginning. You can find it here…


^^the first sample front cover design. Please say what you think? :smiley:


The logo you’re using is outdated. The bottom right corner no longer juts out like that. You can download the updated package here or only select the file you need through the website.


^^amended front cover design. Thank you Sentinelrv for noticing the logo :wink:


Would the final version be higher-res? It’s a little low-res right now, especially around the title text.


Yes, it will be higher resolution.


UPDATE: I have completed chapters 1-13, either typed or hand written, which cover the period 12th August 2012 to 21st December 2017. I anticipate three further (maybe four) chapters.

I will upload an updated book PDF during next week.




Who has screenshots of the Peercoin forum graphical user interface before and after it was revamped on 9th January 2017? It would be great if they exist.



I can take a look for you.


Oh I’ve read it as graphical interface of the wallet, pre redesign.



Getting better and better.




@Tyke I’ve searched everywhere (both on web archives and old forum threads) and I was not able to find complete screenshots. So what I have done is take pieces from numerous sources in order to put them together in Photoshop and create one hi-res image. I hope this will work. It took me quite some time to finish it…

It even includes our old chatbox.


Hey @Tyke I just wanted to make sure you saw my reply above about the image.


Hello. Yes, I’ve seen it :slight_smile: I have been waiting for the Peercoin hard fork date before I finish the book.


Is there a RFC-0009 for Peercoin? I’m assuming it was created, then deleted.