Peercoin going up from now & Use case, PeerCoin, NXT, LTC

[1] just putting this here to see if my prediction is right

[2] I am however waiting for a fat finger dump like BTC and LTC have had…imagine the cheap coins

[3] Peercoin and NXT seem to be the beneficiaries of LTC issues. It seems feasible that peercoin and NXT will take up the market cap from LTC. The issue is what is the Use case of LTC that BTC does not offer, post asic. Only a different algo and good Dev. Its not a paradigm change. LTC will rebound, but longterm one wonders.

[4] Peercoin going down until next update.

maybe after two weeks

please wait till I finish buying another 5000ppc. ;D

Believe it or not, I’m remarkably good a choosing winners. I’m also remarkably bad at choosing timing. :stuck_out_tongue:

Same here :wink: