Peercoin extra security

Hi Everyone,

I am relatively new to the PPC space but am concerned about the security of my peercoin wallet if my computer is stolen. As I understand it so far, if someone were to steal my computer, they could simply open the peercoin wallet since there is no password required.

I’ve backed up the wallet.dat file to another location and have put a written copy of my password in yet another location. Is this reasonable enough? This should let me download another copy of the wallet program and import the .dat file.

I want to purchase a larger number of coins, but I want to make sure they are secure. Are there options for cold storage? I’ve seen some older threads on cold storage but I wanted to check to see if anyone had any recent insight about that.


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Oh jeeze, encrypt your wallet already. Delete all unencrypted backups and replace them with encrypted versions.

If you have already encrypted your wallet (it sounds like maybe you have because you mention a password?) then youre fine. They will be able to open your wallet and look at the balances, but not make any txns with it unless they have the password.

Paper wallets?

YouTube video by Chronos Crypto on Peercoin paper wallets walkthrough:

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Thanks, Cisco. This is what I was looking for. But, the link is from a 2014 video and I don’t think the same resources are available now on the Peercoin website.

Got it. Thanks!