Peercoin Explorer


Thanks for the info. It’s syncing again.


The online wallet service ( will be shut down on 31 August 2017! Please withdraw all your funds!


Will the explorer be online beyond that date?


Yes. The explorer will remain online. I’ll move the whole site (without the wallet function) to a new server.


Thank you. I’m using your api for a few projects. Great explorer.

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there is an SSL problem with


Thank you for letting me know. The auto-renewal process failed. It should work again. :slight_smile:


Thanks for the last three years.


Thank you for everything.

Sad to see the project come to an end.


That’s a shame, this was a wonderful service. Thank you for all that you did.


sorry to know. mintr was outstanding.


sad, the graphs you’ve had were very useful, this service will be missed. is there a way to keep it up @Valermos?


@backpacker69 yes there is a way. @saeveritt already asked me the same.
If you provide me a server and domain name I could provide the source code and current database dumps.
I just have no more time to maintain the code and want to get rid of the monthly server expenses.


I’ll pn you.


The explorer is dead, long live the explorer:


Given the massive performance problems with mintr since it’s been migrated to the new server and @valermos seemingly not having the time to fix this, I’m considering to shut down mintr, as I can not fix this issue myself and the performance is so poor that it’s not worth preserving.

I heard that most people liked it for the statistics and charts.

I’m considering moving the ones most interesting to the community to a new site.



We’ve dropped Mintr support in pypeerassets as it’s too problematic.


I managed to tweak the performance.

Happy to hear any feedback on availability and speed.


The charts loaded great, but then when I switched to stats it hung for a few moments before getting there (I loaded all the charts quickly, maybe closing them all at once or whatever caused the lag).

The charts in this service are invaluable, I don’t know that I would want to get rid of any of them. Of course you can only do what you can, but I really find them all useful barometers, they were good choices to chart.


Upgrade to PPC v0.7 killed mintr for reasons that I’m not entirely sure of.

Fixing the code would probably need more time than rewriting the chart section to a better performing product.

I will work on bringing back (most of) the charts mintr provided, but I can’t say when this will be done.

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Charts on