Peercoin eBook Manuals

i have been having a disussion with super3 regarding something like a peercoin e-book manual and he has suggested starting a topichere to get some feedback from community as to the efficacy of this approach and what such a manual or manuals should contain - the initial proposal is for a developers guide but is this could obviously be extended to other topics

I was in a library today and saw a couple of paper books about Bitcoin, basically were about general characteristics, blockchain explanations etc… The aproach and aim of the books was to enlight the common potential user. Like Antonopoulos has printing a bitcoin technical manual so we should.
Yet I imagine the day when Peercoin and sidechains will have its own books for the common potential user who will choose PPC because of its real true effective decentralized secure reality.

This idea is absolutely indispensable and a MUST. I will be available for translation.

One thing to consider is to not only have the book explain the technical aspects of system, as do other books, but to demonstrate the community building prospect that POS has over the competitive nature of POW (which actually creates polarization). This is the thing that is quickly making PPC my coin of choice.