Peercoin e-book

This was discussed in the chat, a Peercoin e-book :slight_smile:

RobertLloyd [11|Jun 06:59 am]: Anyone seen this?
ppcman [11|Jun 08:03 am]: Neat Robert. I’m wondering if the reviews are staged. They were all done in the same 24 hour period. 37 Pages is a little thin for a book. But the price matches the size of the content so I suppose its all good. Nice find!
Ben [11|Jun 08:49 am]: All of those reviewers have a decent amount of reviews, so they don’t immediately jump out at me as a set of shills
Sentinelrv [11|Jun 09:00 am]: Anybody buy it yet to see if it includes accurate information?
Ben [11|Jun 09:16 am]: I did, but I haven’t had a chance to review the content. I’m hoping to have time tonight
Yurizhai [11|Jun 09:49 am]: I want a physical copy
irritant [11|Jun 10:16 am]: I just want to read chapter 6
Sunny King [11|Jun 10:39 am]: Ah interesting. Looking forward to see Ben’s summary of it
RobertLloyd [11|Jun 11:22 am]: He made a typo in the introduction (5th para, 2nd sentence) - said bitcoin when he meant peercoin
Ben [11|Jun 03:30 pm]: Chapter 4, which covers mining and minting, is full of errors and suspect advice.
Ben [11|Jun 03:31 pm]: Flagging the errors as I come across them. I’ll reach out to the author after I’ve had a chance to finish my proof- reading pass
Ben [11|Jun 03:37 pm]: Chapter 5 and 6 aren’t much better.
Ben [11|Jun 03:38 pm]: I cannot recommend it, as written. With an editing pass, it would be useful to introduce people.
Sentinelrv [11|Jun 04:29 pm]: Editing errors or factual errors?
Ben [11|Jun 04:39 pm]: Factual errors