Peercoin cryptocoinexplorer; Issue with comma placement

Hey all,

I sent a friend 1.5 PPC but in it was listed as being 0.015 PPC.

I then checked my Wallet adresses and they were all listed with wrong balances on the explorer.

Now, I am a little concerned whether the explorer or my wallet is right. Can someboy out there please double check if it is a bug within the website?


I sent a note to the team that runs CCE about this, I’ll let you know what I hear back. This appears to be an issue with the new version they deployed, not an issue with your wallet or the block chain.

Ok, thank you. I tried to contact them myself, but on a short check of their page, I couldn’t find a email address.

That is relieving for sure. Thanks again for the input!

Refresh your browser tab with the block explorer, I’m seeing the correct values now, so it looks like they fixed it.

Copy that. All my balances are now correct. Phew. :slight_smile: