PeerCoin community

I have noticed that most threads easily get 2K~3K in peercoin and move kinda slow down the list.

It appears that there a many many times more lurkers here than other forums as a % of userbase/browsers.

Eg in BCT yes the board moves quick but per thread there appears to be many less views.

This indicates to [me at least] the community behind PeerCoin is quite large, but like the coin, high on signal low on noise for its core objectives.

Just an observation.

If you hit ‘Home’ and look at the bottom you can see how many people are on the site. Seems today there was 203 people on at one time - while there is only like 20 people I recognize. So yeah, I’d say your observation is right.

I clicked on several of the pink ones and found most of them to be spam account marked by having advertisement url in their personal text.