Peercoin Blockchain Explorer Software Wanted

I have seen a lot of them come and go, I would like to set one up on my server to benefit the community for a long haul. I don’t have time to write one, so if anyone is willing to share the software they have/know of so I can build upon it, I would appreciate it.

I could not find one working ppc block explorer yesterday.
Peercoin homepage doesnt give any suggestion.

I’ll set up an instance of @MatthewLM’s ABE-Fork

Stay tuned

btw @MatthewLM, I would love to see the recent design changes merged with the Peercoin Abe :wink:


This one is working:

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is also working
(i’ve asked coinmarketcap to replace with this one on their peercoin page, but they havent done yet, peercoin explorer has been not working for ages)

How long ago did you contact CMC?

about a week ago

You mean the logo changes etc.? I’ll see if I can get around to that. If not then feel free to remind me again in the future. Also, if you get the valid hashes working, people will be able to use it as a trusted server in the Android app.

I’ve got my explorer up and running again: The server had a problem. If anyone experiences downtime with my explorer, please do contact me.

Thank you!