Peercoin Blockchain download?

Hey I am needing a download of the blockchain, I have been setting up a PI as a minting Machine but it has been taking forever to download the Blockchain and at 70% (which took like 4 days) the sd card has been killed. So I need a an importable file, anyone know a recentish one which I can import to a pi? I would really appreciate it and thanks!

I 've read somewhere the peerbox comes with the blockchain preinstalled; not bad for the smallest chain out there

That was for a non peerbox img but I am running a peerbox now, so there is no external blockchain uploaded anywhere? ???

If you already have hte client running on a PC, you can ftp the .dat files (except addr.dat!) and database/ from the PC to the PI. That is basically how I do backup/restore during upgrade.

The tricky part is that you must remember to set the permission on all files right (use the PI’s original files’ permission as a reference). Watch the debug log file after restarting client on the PI. If there is no progress in 20min, something might be wrong.

Well I am looking to install a wallet onto a pi with raspbian and don’t want to download it again via the pi, I want a backup on my home desktop to use for building stakers for friends and family, if the chain isn’t out there I assume the blockdata files are compatible from windows to linux version. I will just download a windows client and keep them via that, if anyone needs I will start a torrent of it to contribute to the community.

Sorry about that. I have cancelled that feature.

Next Peercoin version 0.5 will support those importable blockchain packages like Bitcoin/Litecoin do.
Then I will support this feature again as it is not hacked together solution.

Anyway, try syncing blockchain with Peerbox and report how it went.