Peercoin & Bitcoin Miners: Looking to Do a Story On It

I’m a writer for CoinDesk and have been covering Bitcoin’s halving. Now that it’s behind us, I’m doing a series of pieces on the aftermath of that halving.

One thing that’s clear is that many miners have moved away from Bitcoin now that it’s no longer profitable and are now mining peercoin. This may be a longshot, but I am hoping to talk to any miners of peercoin (if you were once a bitcoin miner, that’d be awesome). Please email me or send me a message.

If this is considered spam, I’m sorry. But I didn’t know how else to find these miners and this community seems pretty tight-knit. Thanks!

Cool, never “talked” to someone from CoinDesk before. Any links to some articles you’ve written?

I will definitely read that story :slight_smile:

Here’s my writing on CoinDesk:

I hope I can write this story, but can’t without a few good sources. :slight_smile:

Do you mind if I put the word out on Peercoin’s social media that you’re looking for somebody? I’m sure it would raise the chances of you finding somebody that has recently switched over.

I’m not a miner, I’m a developer.

Common miners, this attention would really help!

they might never have heard of this forum, i’m not sure you will find them here, my guess is they just looked at coinwarz or a similar website and saw PPC as the most profitable after the halving, figured out how to mine that, and when they have made some PPC they will dump it on polo or bitrex or btc-e to pay for their electricity bills

Are there any ways to see the miners ip addresses? If they are in China, we can try to contact them.

Ok, I just went ahead and posted some ads trying to find somebody who might be interested in participating…

If we can’t find anybody to step up, maybe it’s possible the article could be about the event itself rather than the people who switched? Maybe it could include information about how Peercoin’s mining works and how the increased hashing power has led to decreased PoW inflation. Hopefully somebody will answer the call though.

JayCoDon, you mentioned in your intro post that you wanted to learn more about Peercoin, so I thought I’d provide some resources for you…

First step should be to go through our intro thread here…

There is also a long introductory video by Chronos included in the thread…

Here is a collection of interviews from the inventor of Peercoin and proof-of-stake, Sunny King…

My personal favorite interview out of that list is community interview #2, which is where Sunny first revealed his concept of Peercoin as a backbone currency. Backbone currency is a term describing Peercoin’s underlying purpose, which is to provide the ability to store value in an inexpensive to maintain crypto network which prioritizes security, decentralization and scarcity over speed, low fees and transaction volume.

The block size debate taking place in the Bitcoin community is ultimately about whether Bitcoin should focus on decentralization and security or sacrifice it all in order to become a payment network capable of competing with the likes of Visa. With Peercoin, Sunny specifically designed it to focus on the former, rather than the latter, a network that maintains a high degree of decentralization, maintains a high level of security, but not necessarily providing high volume of transactions.

I wrote a recent article explaining these things. Part of my quote above is from that article…

Given the above, I also believe that Peercoin is the perfect digital gold. I had also written something about this below. Just ignore the parts I talk about NuBits, since it recently collapsed…

Anyway, I hope this helps.

I am currently mining peercoin and switched from bitcoin due to the halving. This is the first time I have mined PPC since 2014. PM me if you would like to discuss more.

It’s great to have you here on the forum. Very much looking forward to reading any discussion that you and Jacob have.

I emailed you. I look forward to talking more.

JayCoDon, if you would also like to interview Sunny King for any reason, just PM me and I can probably try to set something up.

Looking forward to this story :slight_smile:

Is anticipation for this article pushing the price up?

Great article! Check it out:

How Peercoin Got A Boost From Bitcoin’s Halving - CoinDesk

Great story.

Articles like these help bring in new people to peercoin