Peercoin-based lomocoin had 1 million transaction backlog

  1. Since the end of the last month of 2016, especially the last week, the number of LMC users as of January 5, 2017, the number of registered users has more than 220,000, and thousands of people registered every day. A substantial increase in APP user activity, especially a large number of old users to be re-activated. The average daily increase of 500,000 or more transactions.

  2. We observed that a number of QT wallet users transferred their coins to the secondary market to participate in the transaction, resulting in a significant reduction in the number of LoMoCoin block chain nodes and the age of the POS for a short period of time, Confirm the pressure is also a substantial increase in the whole network block chain, the overall processing capacity.

  3. Found several new bugs on layer code, These Bugs come from the PPC code, only happened when a large scale of transaction is reached.

Could someone help review the code:

I can make connection with the lmc team.

thanks redlee for relaying the news.

Hi @redlee

Thanks for bringing this up.

Can you give me more information about how lomocoin is developed?
From a quick look, it seems like you forked bitcoin and merged peercoin’s proof of stake protocol later, is that correct?

Please provide me more info on how you guys created this blockchain.