Peercoin Asic mining

Hey everyone,
So as the title says it I’m going for ASIC mining for “Peercoin” and I need a little guidance.
So I’ve been looking around and trying to figure out that would it be profitable for me to mine Peercoin with ASIC rigs or not. The mining calculator that “” has the link to says that 1.2TH/s is not going to be good profit and then “” says it’s going to be good profit. So I’m a bit confused here :smiley:

The link above will show you the rig that I’m considering to buy.
For those who would calculate the profitability for me, my power cost is 5.6euros/kWH
I’m not 100% sure about it because the electric bill says that it cost that much, but then I think if it’s that much then it would be really expensive for me to start mining because the rig sucks so much power that I would have to have so much profit that I would be able to pay the bill with it and still have nice profit left over.
The other option would be to pay monthly to move it to some local data center where they would take care of the machine and pay the power. But I haven’t figured is that available for me.
So what do you guys think I should do?
I’m honestly running out of ideas and I would really want to start mining.
Thanks :slight_smile:

i think is basing off standard POW calculations not the hybrid POS POW that Peercoin is. This would explain for the differences in profitability.

I would go off the one on as that is linked with our main website and I would think is more accurate or been used by Peercoiners but i could be wrong.

Interestingly here is a alternative thought…

1 bite the bullet and buy the hardware… mine as much as you can till faster bigger miners are brought online but your investment may take your miners 3-6 months at least to mine the majority of your coins… then 2-3 years to trickle the rest in to cover your costs.

Say you bought the PPC straight today by buying BTC on then transferred to BTC-e and bought PPC with all the money. By the time you finish one month mining with your mining rig… you could have in theory already generated a POS mining block! thus getting you on the way to earning your 1% extra for the year!! you will have to wait longer for the POW mining transferes to give you the same return and allow you to POS mint.

I would actually say its probably best for you to split the risk and buy half a miner and buy up half the PPC you want off the exchanges… this way at least if the difficulty goes through the roof and your miner is not returning the expected PPC you have holdings already. Or if the rate dropps off at the exchange, you will probably see a reduction in the difficulty on PPC and hance your miner earns more PPC at that point counter acting the low exchange rate.

I would say if you are treading a fine line with electricity consumption as well then speak to some of the bigger miners out there… they are here on the forum, look at usernames on fixx and ecoining pools u will see some names to talk to for running advice.

Hope this helps


I called my power companie and it turns out that, the oower cost is 5.6euro snt/kwh
this changes a lot ;DDDD