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I’m building a large multi-lingual website, you will have many services, many visitors and users: for now it is in the early stages, do not mind if it seems improvised. I have also one in Italian and enters this speech: among the many sites that I manage. These two websites built with Joomla I can use them for hosting services for your virtual money and their users, such as web services I can enter that help spread your virtual currency? We are free because faucet paid by sponsors? If you have ideas so I can help free the expansion of the use and advertising of your virtual currency. I await your kind advice. Good day.

;D ?

Ok ill bite, not sure if this is what you were after but here is my thoughts for a site atm.

Everyone is interested in their particular cryptocurrency or sites try to cater for ALL the currencies like coinmarketcap. What I would like to see is a site dedicated to the pos coins and ecosystems. Comparisons of network incidents, % coins securing network, detailed analysis of linked assets to each currency so peercoin would have links to nubits and peermessage etc.

News feeds of what the communities are up to, what developments what services what open source projects.

Analysis of attack vectors on the coins, looking over the forum it pleases me to see how many theoretical attacks have been proven not possible from code snippets and analysis, how have other pos coins dealt with such threats, are they aware? Have they discussed something on their forum we here at peercoin missed etc.

A site like this would keep me coming back to it for updates of all community coins with proof of stake and potentially could unite the communities for the benefit of all.


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With ideas, which I will assess by tomorrow. There are other possible applications or resources can include in my site, for the benefit of virtual currencies like yours? Thank you and have a nice day.