Peercoin and Sunny King talked about by @intelliguy again on Fri Sep 16/2016

Just a heads up…

Peercoin and Sunny King talked about on the BeyondBitcoin mumble show again by a friend of mine @intelliguy on steemit.

The archive (usually posted in 48 to 72 hours) will contain the discussion. I’ll post the link.

I really hope Peercoiners consider listening to these shows when they occur every Friday, or participate in them.

Link to come soon…

For your listening pleasure - Sep 16/2016 show

If you’re under time constraint, you can forward to 1 hour, 39 minutes, 30 seconds and start listening from there, where @intelliguy is introduced for his segment and starts speaking.

However the whole show contains lots of good stuff in it.

I’ve advised intelliguy he should get a new mic setup. A little feedback noise, but you can still hear what he has to say :slight_smile:

He was talking about cryptocurrency respect between communities… it was pretty powerful.

Mine was pretty clear. I got it from Best Buy. It was made by Logitech.