Peercoin and PoS mentioned in People's Daily

Peercoin and PoS mentioned in People’s Daily report



Which translates into:
“the value and price of altcoins depend on three fundamentals: valuable innovation, real life implementation and marketing, stable ecosystem and community.
Some leading players in terms market capital or popular altcoins fall into these categories. For example, Peercoin (diandianbi in Chinese Pinyin) delivers significant innovation in mining method, turning PoW into PoS, saving energy without sacrificing the security of the currency network.”

Basically, the report is to alarm people of the potential risk of investing in cryptocurrencies. But the viewpoint and description seems to be neutral. At the end of the article, it says:
"Cryptocurrency is a new arena for investment. Investors need to have diligent analysis and in-depth understanding more than sheer luck. "