Peercoin and China

Do we have people actively trying to get PPC information out to the Chinese public and on Chinese exchanges? I think it is a big reason BTC and now LTC are ascending.

One such exchange is

We gotta show all major exchanges PPC deserves a spot next to BTC and LTC.

I know redlee has been translating things into Chinese. I think we should have somewhere that links to all his translated articles and interviews with Sunny. Check his posting history for translations…;area=showposts;u=10912

There are plenty of misconceptions around PPC and not many ppl are aware of the virtues of PPC.
I have contacted the OKcoin and Fxbtc. Okcoin said they don’t know much about PPC ATM. Fxbtc asked me to send email to Generally speaking, more ppl ask for PPC, more likely they will consider listing PPC.

BTW, LTC went up today probably because Btcchina got 5 million venture investment.

I just released an article on PoS mining today (weibo and some forums), elaborating my personal experience on mining the 80717# PoS block.

My brother has a restaurant in Shanghai, so I’m working on convincing him to take PPC and BTC for take-out orders. I’ll let you know how that goes.

To get more information on PPC in chinese, visit