Peercoin 4th Anniversary: THANK YOU & EXPLANATION

In June 2016, I had an idea that I wanted to showcase Peercoin’s 4th Anniversary and make a celebration event. After I saw how long it took us to reach consensus to produce the official Peercoin video, I didn’t want to propose this project publicly.

I also find, in a decentralized community, when you organize things publicly, people tend to take a back seat approach and the majority will sit silent waiting to see “who goes first”. If they see some one else volunteering, often people will say “ahh… they already have people volunteering. I don’t have to contribute”.

Sorry for the negative connotation here, but I wanted to see if someone like myself, with only 542 peercoin, and nothing to give, could “secretly” setup a 4th Peercoin Anniversary by just organizing it, asking people privately, and seeing how far I got.

I also know that to get things done, some times the best way is to simply “get it done”. Don’t ask. Don’t debate. Just give at 'er…

The first thing I did, was I wanted to get Peercoin’s show on the widely popular “Beyond Bitcoin” mumble radio show. I was in talks with Fuzzy there (not fuzzybear), and we made arrangements. I began to work backwards from there.

Next, I needed a banner to advertise the event. With Sentinelrv’s help and saeveritt, we got that flashy banner done.

I needed a speaker, luckily hrobeers, Sentinelrv, and Chronos all agreed to try and show up and speak. All 3 of them came through. I was impressed. Sentinelrv was key to getting Sunny King to participate. I couldn’t ask for more.

With the help of intelliguy from steemit, he also spoke, and he was the one that helped solidify everything since he’s well known on Steemit.

Since it was a two day event, Peerchemist’s RocketChat server came in very handy… thanks to him.

Gliss, from coinmarketcap, agreed to rotate our banner. Without that, we wouldn’t have gotten our needed exposure. Fantastic job by Gliss.

We needed something else, so I put up 100 peercoin reward for the image contest, which would have brought me down to 442 peercoin.

To my shock, I also received donations, which didn’t bring be down to 442 peercoin, I actually went UP to 609 Peercoin instead, and that’s after paying out the prize!

The announcement post on Steemit made 596.20 SBD (which is worth about $1 USD worth of steem), that’s almost $600 USD that Fuzzy agreed to share to our key contributors via intelliguy, and disbursements are happening as we speak.

These 10 people I’m very grateful for their efforts, and the $60 USD that was unexpected “per person”, is a welcome reward that I’m happy to share with them:

  1. Sunny King
  2. fuzzy
  3. hrobeers
  4. SentinelRV
  5. saeveritt
  6. Gliss
  7. Chronos
  8. ppcman
  9. Peerchemist
  10. intelliguy

When I decided to focus on the 4th Anniversary Celebration, I did it with these reasons:

  1. Peercoin’s marketing seems to have been stagnant lately, that’s not fair to Peercoin

  2. In my time, I’ve never seen us truly celebrate our anniversary with a bang. This was a bang.

  3. I wanted to prove to people, that one of the poorest Peercoin members (ppcman who had 542 peercoin) could pull this off, with only 100 peercoin spent by myself.

  4. I expected people to surface and complain and critique the event. I wanted that to happen. The only person that mentioned something along those lines was sportscliche, and I’m happy he did.

  5. Next year, is our 5th year Anniversary. That’s a BIG one. This one, I want the community to get more involved as a whole, since I’ve proven this can be done. We need fireworks next time. Let’s make it happen together. This one we just did was nothing more than a “trial run”. It worked. The trial run experiment was successful.


I hope this makes sense of how this came to be, who got involved, and how together we did this as a sum of all volunteers.

[size=15pt][font=arial]Please don’t let this post sit here idle. I’d like to hear from everyone, and not just the 10 people that helped. If you normally don’t post on Peercointalk, now is the time. What did you think of the celebration? Any ideas for next year? If you didn’t get involved, would you next time?[/font][/size]

By the way, the celebration did move the Peercoin price in the markets for a bit. It also brought back people who made comments on steemit “Sunny king? He’s still around? Peercoin? I forgot about that coin. I haven’t opened up my Peercoin wallet in ages. I’m doing that now”

…Even if the peercoin price didn’t seem to move far… it did move. We had a trading volume of $750,000 which is way up from our normal 50,000. Incredible stuff.

Great job organising all this ppcman :slight_smile:

“Read 35 times”, “1 reply by Sandakersmann”

That doesn’t jive with me some how…

Thanks Sandakersmann…

To the other 34 people: I swear, I’m going to beat motivation into all of you, unless you get up, get active. :slight_smile:

Thanks PPCman. Your contribution was awesome. I always assumed you were a big stake holder by your passion for this project.

You really only have 600 PPC? I think we need to find a way to get you into the triple zero club, 1000 PPC. I pledged 52 PPC and some change to this cause. Thanks dude!

Thanks PPCMan, i enjoyed the 4th anniversary radio show.
I wish I had the time to be more active in the community.

I am slowly realizing that it is better to be a content producer, than just a content consumer. The celebrations were a great way for people to get involved, no matter their skill set.

I have just finished listening to the radio show and I believe the whole thing was an incredible achievement; a milestone. The speakers were concise and articulate and it would be great if there were more events like this - putting real voices and faces to PPC will give it more credibility.

It is true that the PPC community is in a bit of a predicament: we have this potentially ground-breaking technology known as Peercoin, but very few people know about it . I think events like this will help wake people up to the advantages of the Peercoin blockchain. But the community needs to start creating content, being a part of the discussion, as opposed to just consuming it.

Thanks for getting me started with steemit, I hope to do something with the SBD’s that I’ve left there after transferring some to poloniex.

We should definitely continue spreading the word.
And like you showed, anyone can contribute.
Nobody asked you to organize this, yet you did and that’s what contributing in this open community is all about.

Open-source developers know this, you’ll never be asked to do something, just do and others will appreciate it.
Nobody asked me to come to peercoin and develop a web client, I just felt that it was needed and started it.

So if anyone feels: "If only peercoin had … ", invest some time and make it happen!
And lead by example, just as [member=11274]ppcman[/member] does.

What we’re witnessing now is the real voice behind peercoin.

We’re real people who care.

Thanks for the replies, I love them.

This coin belongs to all of us. Me, you, and anyone with a Peercoin wallet.

Let’s act like it. This is NOT a silent venture. You own Peercoin? You owe it to yourself to speak and say something. Everyone hiding behind their computer screen… Peercoin is a part of all of us. Don’t be shy.

P.S. I got some donations recently. I must be on the right track. I’m going to continue to raise the roof here.

Peercoin is gonna go somewhere, I promise.

Thank you ppcman for your effort and refreshing posts around here! For this moment, I can only tip now and then. But I hope I can participate more and add value to the PPC community in the nearby future.

You know ppcman that Remi, the girl with the matches, Jesus etc. had a bit of a struggle and sorrow in there lives. That is the key. When a person or a group/coin stay ethical in certain situations, the ‘reward/result’ is will come.

Who knows we all stay ‘poor’, but maybe Peercoin is becoming a base of freedom for other people in the future. I think that is good karma :slight_smile:

Keep it up, I admire your positivity

As said before, nice work and well done you and the team with the anniversary and I enjoyed the interview a lot. However as you know most of us are time poor or in other words Peercoin not being their highest priority. As you know I have been dragging marketing with River a while ago with only moderate results. But given up as you really need an active team to share the content creation load. Even with the rewards we gave at the time this didn’t take off still to my surprise.

I really hope you can keep bearing the flag and I would donate once in a while. Hope you will do better than we did.
I can tell that I’ve never owned this many peercoins due to the low prices and being motivated by the efforts I see. I hope they will start bearing fruit at some time and in the mean time minting keeps me happy.

Yes, I know. I’ve observed a lot in my time, and I do thank you and River for your efforts. You were going to be contacted, but I know that since Nu, I haven’t heard much from you, so I didn’t know what to do…

So I just went for it. I hope other Peercoin enthusiasts consider trying something too. The only thing worse than bad publicity is “no publicity” even if they get it wrong.

One of the benefits in this last celebration is the amount of people that really loved the mumble archive, and it was only our first one. :slight_smile:

That shows it did hold value, and people liked hearing some audio, instead of just reading some forum posts. It’s almost like the heart and soul of Peercoin has a voice. I loved the response.