Peercoin 4th Anniversary mumble "Hang Out" recording

Just wanted to let everyone know, the soundcloud archive for the 4th Anniversary Celebration “Peercoin Hangout” is almost done.

It was approximately 3 hours long, but there was a lot of pauses during the discussion while we waited for Sunny King to type a text response to the audio questions. What Sunny King did say was re-read on the air, so the hangout will make sense once it is released.

The editing that is going on, removes things like:
a) Umms, and ahhs, and “hold on a sec” stuff…
b) Choppy internet, where the speaker wasn’t heard properly.
c) Wait, Sunny is typing something…
d) Big gaps where no one is talking…

Stuff like that…

The audio show is 90% ready. We’re just waiting for the remaining 10%, and for it to be posted. We’re down to the next couple of days.

Fuzzy, who runs the mumble hangout has recently been ill this past week, which hampers things further.

…so it’s coming. I hope it’s going to be released prior to Sunny King’s next update. That’s our goal.

The things we discussed are somewhat timeless… so it will be just as good to listen to now, as it would have been if you heard it the same day it was recorded.

Hope this helps, a bit?

Do you think it would be a good idea to cut out the portion from the interview with hrobeers and merge it onto the beginning of the 2nd audio portion? That way there is only one audio clip, rather than them being split up into two? So first hrobeers gets interviewed, then it skips over everything else that was recorded for the previous show and my interview comes up next, followed by everyone else after me. Merging the audio into one clip would lead to more people listening I think.

No. Our community should be embracing the weekly Friday mumble core sessions for two reasons:

  1. To hear what kind of excitement and developments are going on elsewhere, so we can bring some of the excitement and promotion back to Peercoin for our own use


  1. To participate in lively discussions. To talk about our chain and what we’re doing, and be part of what’s up and coming too. We’re way too quiet around here. We’re sitting on top of something significant that has multiple uses. Let’s be part of “what people are talking about”.

We all need to be more actively involved. If it means listening to two different audio streams to get the information, then that’s what it should be… :slight_smile:

Your heart is in the right place for the community. I just wanted to articulate why it’s fine to leave it as it is…