Peercoin 0.5.4 Release

v0.5.4 is now released.
This is a hot fix release for the blockchain incident 32-bit clients fork (

Upgrade from v0.5.3 is necessary for windows and 32-bit linux users.
For 64-bit linux users upgrade is optional and v0.5.3 64-bit linux release is still supported.

Official build for linux:
Official build for windows:

$ openssl dgst -sha256 ppcoin-0.5.4*
SHA256(ppcoin-0.5.4ppc-linux.tar.gz)= 1a15a190e95507b1686b5f4a32568e9b891cbed0e86ab711c489939d685e159a
SHA256(ppcoin-0.5.4-win32-setup.exe)= 92f36c2fc23a9202a23fef5f18c2a161e92d4bc81a5be49c41e6597b2868fc8a

Upgrade instructions:

  1. Back up wallet using the menu option or console command ‘backupwallet’.
  2. Note down your balance/stake in the wallet.
  3. Shutdown peercoin client v0.5.3
  4. Uninstall old client
  5. Download and install v0.5.4 client
  6. Start up v0.5.4 client
  7. Confirm release name of the client as 0.5.4ppc-beta
    8 ) Verify your balance/stake as correct.

Post in this thread for technical support.

Great work Sunny :slight_smile:

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