Is there a kind of website in the works for peercoin ? If not, I think we should definitely start. is like the hub for bitcoin. It’s the most visited bitcoin website . If we have something in the works, I don’t think I’d be the only one that would want to contribute.

P.S: I’m not really familiar with the cost of running a website, but I would happily donate if needed to. :slight_smile:

I am considering coding a Peercoin block explorer comparable to as a part of my thesis in my final semester. If you can wait for two to three more months I may already have something to show.

But if someone is quicker than me, please give me a heads up so I can put my time into another Peercoin related project. Suggestions are also welcome!

PS: There is

Sounds great. I’ll be waiting.

Are you guys aware of

This site isnt as great as, but its a starting point.

I have where I hope to add all the features of for ppc
Just got to code it up


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