Peerbox official website (

[size=14pt]Is online(ish):[/size]

Backend is complete, along with css etc.
However I need some help with arranging it. Please take a look!

Nice! A website! thumbs up

Check your spelling of aesthetics.

Logo on top, below a horizontal menu.

Colors on site matching the logo. The logo has green and white in it right? I suggest that “menu links” are turned into green buttons matching that of the logo.

I really like how has divided the page into big areas of white and dark, to segment the information. I also like that they have darker colors at the bottom, since it creates a solid base and communicates “balance and solidity”. NodeJS,, is another example of segmenting the page, but they have to little lite colors I think. Then again, its about a server running on the backend in some dark warehouse I guess.

Peerbox is ultra efficient, secure and super high-tech (its running the latest in crypto finance tech). I think the project could benefit from giving that kind of feeling looking at it.

I noticed that the links on the menu to the left changes when you switch page. I’d try to come up with one menu that could be there all the time and that the menu items doesn’t change. Personally I would like it more if the menu was horizontal and found at the top of the page.

One thing I think could have done better, is that when you’ve got a menu that is sticky on top, its nice if the bottom of the area has a solid line in a darker tone then the area. That way you get a distinctive break between the area floating on top and you get more of a feeling that the page, slides under the menu.

EDIT: Oh and thanks for doing this project. It’s one of the most important one in the community right now I think.

I don’t particularly like the colors used. I think the background color should be white. When the Peerbox logo is on the website, it will look much better over a clean white background. The green text also looks a little yellowish to me. Maybe it would look better once the background is white, not sure. The new Peerbox text logo should go in the upper left corner of the screen while the menu buttons should be moved to the upper right corner, similar to the design of and The menu buttons should not alternate as Pillow mentioned above. If you’re planning on using “The ASIC of Proof of Stake” as the main slogan for Peerbox, you should consider sticking the slogan directly underneath the text logo. These are just my initial thoughts. Sorry for taking so long to post them.

[quote=“peerchemist, post:1, topic:2948”][size=14pt]Is online(ish):[/size]

Backend is complete, along with css etc.
However I need some help with arranging it. Please take a look!

Just wanted to let you know that on certain ISPs your domain name does not resolve:

I don’t think it is a propagation issue. It is maybe due to the .me domain extension.

I have to follow up and say I feel the same way. The color scheme is less than pleasing and the font selection and sizes just make it worse.

I agree, I will find someone to do the CSS. Will come with proposal soon I think.

Also, I will find out what is happening to DNS.