2.0 Now Accepts Primecoin! DICE & 5 Wheels of Fortune!

Hey Everyone,

Many of you already know us so I will skip to the important part: We just implemented Primecoins to Peerbet. Currently you can play with Primecoins on the Wheels. It is still in somewhat of a trial mode, so deposit/withdrawal delays could be expected in the next few days. If everything goes well, we will also add it to Raffles, and to Bit777.

For those who don’t:

We are happy to inform you about the release of Peerbet 2.0! The much anticipated release includes a few key features!

  • New API - The new API now includes more functions for Raffles, and it also includes the Wheel!
  • 4 More Wheels - Now you can play a total of 5 Wheels, all of which have different chance and different payouts!
  • Internal transfers to - Now you can transfer your bitcoins to the casino without having to withdraw!
  • Auto-update on Raffles list - So you don’t have to refresh the page all the time!
  • Better Raffle Creator - New options include:
  • Public Creator and Players info options - If you want everyone to see who plays your raffles.
  • Maximum tickets per player in a raffle - If you would like to create a raffle with a pool of players, instead of just playing against 1 as it was before.
  • Multiple Raffles - Create up to 10 raffles at once!
  • Auto-Spin option on the Wheel - Now you can just let it spin and watch (or chat) and let the Wheel do it’s magic!
  • Wheel Levels and Rewards:
    The Wheels are unlocked after achieving the following requirements:
  • x2 Wheel - The player must make 200 spins on the x3 Wheel to unlock the x2 Wheel. Reward: 200 Satoshi.
  • x5 Wheel - The player must make 500 spins on unlocked wheels to unlock the x5 Wheel. Reward: 500 Satoshi.
  • x10 Wheel - The player must make 1000 spins on unlocked wheels to unlock the x10 Wheel. Reward: 1000 Satoshi.
  • x15 Wheel - The player must make 1500 spins on unlocked wheels to unlock the x15 Wheel. Reward: 1500 Satoshi. - the first online gambling platform with zero house edge and without negative profit expected value for the players! It is really free: players compete against each other, not against the gambling site and there are no hidden costs or commissions. 100% of the revenue comes through ads.

In any casino or online gambling site like Just-Dice with non-zero house edge players will always lose playing long term, but in the truely zero-sum game (i.e. where no house edge or any other commission fees applied) players will NOT lose anything playing infinite long.

We offer raffle-style game in which users can create rounds with an arbitrary number of tickets (from 2 tickets to 10 million) and the price for a single one (from 1 Satoshi). This allows to choose any winning odds and profit expectation. When a game is created, players can start buying tickets and the game will be complete when all tickets sold and next Bitcoin block generated.

Peerbet is provably fair. When a game is created, we generate a random nonce and publish its SHA-1 hash. When this game is complete (all bets are made), we wait for the next Bitcoin block, and then concatenate its hash with the nonce’s plaintext and use this value to determine the winner. This approach lets you to ensure that the Peerbet operator cannot possibly change the outcome of the game before it completes, or even to know its results ahead of time.

We store wallet with all funds off-site on the encrypted HDD and have its backup copy. Every 24 hours we perform backup of the database. Even if the server will be hacked, no funds will be lost. White hat hackers are welcome to check security of the server and report any vulnerabilities to me.

Good luck playing!

Peerbet is being owned and operated by Bit777!

Deer Primecoiners,

We just released DICE on Peerbet! Now you can play Dice using Primecoins!

That’s cool. I knew it; time will come that other virtual coins will enter the gambling arena. I’m just curious… Aside from dice, do you have other classic games like roulette? How about slots in mobile platform like BetCoin™ Reels?